‘Ant-man’ beats out ‘Trainwreck’ at the box office

ant man 2

There were two new movies that were battling it out for the top spot at the box office. One movie was perfect for a girls’ night out and the other was perfect for a boys’ night out. It looks like the boys movie is the top movie of the weekend.

The latest Marvel comic book character to get a movie, Ant-Man, tops the box office with an estimated $58 million. Of course, this is not the highest opening for a Marvel movie, but it is an a good start to possibly a new series for a lesser known character from the Marvel universe. The movie isn’t the worst for a Marvel movie, just beating out 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, but opening weekends doesn’t always equal a bad box office.

Minions falls from the top spot to number two with an estimated $50.2 million. This is a big drop at the box office from last weekend, but that is probably because the little Minions didn’t have any competition last week like they do this week. They are already over the $200 million mark and should make a run for the top grossing movie of the year.

train wreck

The other new movie to come out this weekend was the Amy Schumer movie, Trainwreck. The movie did well bringing in an estimated $30 million, but scored high with Rotten Tomatoes. The movie will continue to do well at the box office as word of mouth will certainly help this movie in the long run.

Rounding out the top five is Inside Out with an estimated $11.6 million and Jurassic World with an estimated $11 million.

For the rest of the box office, you can go here.

This weekend is a big weekend for premieres as there will be four movies vying for that top spot. Pixels and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol have the best shots for the top spot and Paper Towns and Southpaw should make it into the top five.

What movie did you see this weekend?

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