Review – ‘Kaleidoscope Hearts’ by Claire Contreras – beautiful story of two people getting a second chance at love

kaleidoscrope hearts

Format: e book, paperback, audible

Format read: audible

Series: book 1 in Heart series

Rating: 18+ sexual content, language, themes


In the first book of the series, we follow Estelle as she tries to move on from the loss of her fiance, Wyatt, and finds solace in the person that she could never get over. Her brother’s best friend, Oliver.

There is a little back and forth in this novel, as we get the history of the two characters through Oliver’s eyes and I actually enjoyed it. Usually, I don’t like it when we only get a few chapters from one person’s point of view and then most of it from another’s. But Contreras does a good job at explaining the way Oliver acts in the present based on what happened in his past.

Oliver does some pretty messed up things to Estelle in this story and I wondered at times why she would still be in love with him, but I love how she sticks up for herself. I love how, unlike many other stories where the guy really treats the girl bad, she just doesn’t give in to her feelings and makes him prove that he’s not the guy that broke her heart.

The writing style is so realistic that they sound like a group of your friends who are telling you a story. They have inside jokes and old stories that give the character substance. The history of the characters allow them to come to life and be a part of the story and they don’t just get overlooked as secondary parts of the story. The friends of the main character shape who they are and, in reality, usually help (or embarrass them) with a person they like.

If possible, I would get this book for audible. Christy Carlson Romano (yes the very same person who was Ren Stevens on Disney’s Even Stevens) was amazing as the voice of Estelle. The way that she was able to bring the emotions into the words that she spoke, whether it was laughter, sarcasm, or pain, you felt it right along with the story. It made the story feel more real for me and I wish that she would read all the books I listen to you.

This a great book that I recommend for anyone who likes a tragic love story about two people who are meant for each other and have to fight through life to have that.

Rating: A

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Kaleidoscope Hearts

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