The first offical trailer for ‘Mockingjay pt 2’ shows first look at the war

mockingjay pt 2_2

The moment has finally come. The first official trailer for the final movie in the blockbuster series, Mockingjay pt 2, has been released. And it is one you are going to add to your YouTube favorites and watch over and over again.

In the two and half minute trailer, we see the rebels not only preparing for the war but actual footage of the war itself. At the beginning Snow talks to Katniss about how the Games are going to end. We then see someone talking about the Rebels plan of attack on the Capital followed by Peeta asking Katniss to rethink about her plan to kill Snow. As the trailer comes to an end, Katniss asks the people of Panem to turn their weapons to the Capital as we see quick looks at the final battle at the Capital.

After watching this trailer, it will put some ease on the minds of those fans who didn’t want the movie to be split. Director Francis Lawrence has put together a great story and will be looking to get the same kinds of results the final Harry Potter film did (where it was mainly the final battle). No doubt, we will get scenes that were not in the book as they will likely show more of Snow’s side of the story.

It’s been a busy month for Mockingjay as it has been releasing a lot of images and footage from the final film in the blockbuster hit. A few weeks ago, the first official teaser was released for the film along with an image of Katniss sitting on Snow’s thrones, and some of the movie posters that they will be using.

Mockingjay pt 2 is set to come out November 20th. Pledge to support the rebels with #Unite..

What did you think of the trailer?



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