‘Graceland’ 3×5 – the team regroups while Johnny makes a move to save Lucinda

graceland 3_5_1

In the last episode, the house members band together to try and take out Ari but one little mishap leads to the downfall of one of their own. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Pinon Tree’, Briggs deals with the downfall of his decisions while trying to help Johnny save Lucinda.

Thinking on his feet, Briggs lets Colby take the fall and he doesn’t like it. He is able to get out of it even though Colby pointed him at. Was this part of Briggs plan? To sacrifice Colby? We won’t find out for a little while as Briggs gets out of his under cover since Ari lost his status with the family. But we all know Briggs doesn’t give up easily.

Briggs is ready for round two but the rest of the house, sans Paige, want him to stop. We all know Briggs doesn’t have a stop button and Paige is still in self-destruct mode so she is going along with the plan. But Mike does bring up a good point,”No matter what they do. It always ends up with a dead body”. They’ve seen that already with Colby.

graceland 3_5_2

Despite the warnings of the house mates, Briggs goes back under cover with Ari as he tries to get justice. We will see what it costs him this time. Seeing him act this reckless makes me wonder if he is doing this because he thinks Charlie aborted their kid. Would he be doing this if he knew the truth?

Meanwhile, Johnny turns the focus back on trying to save Lucinda. He wants Briggs to make a move, at least one he can see. But of course, Briggs works his own way. Question is, will Johnny be patient enough to see what comes of it? 

In the end, Johnny waits it out and this time the plan works. He not only saves Lucinda but he’s able to arrest Carlito. Obviously this is not the end of this. Johnny is going to have to answer to the decisions that he made, which will certainly included killing Sid because you know Carlito is going to sing like a canary.

Johnny does everything right. He save the girl and the day but she still breaks his heart. Out of love she thinks that its better to break up because she thinks she’s not good enough for him. Argument is there but doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Mike continues to obsess over his birds and thinks he found a break. Showing his support, Briggs goes with him to investigate. He finds a kid, named Gustavo, involved in selling drugs and thinks he will lead him to the finish line.Mike quickly sees that Gustavo is not just some kid and finds himself in a whole mess of trouble.

Mike though gets what he wants. He finds out that Gustavo has a red bird tattooed on him and Mike finds a WMD in his truck. Like Mike and Briggs says, who is giving the WMD to?

In the next episode, Briggs and Paige attempt again to try and take down Ari but it Mau come at the expense of Paige.

What did you think of the show?


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