‘Pixels’ is no match for ‘Ant-Man’ at the box office

ant man

There where three new movies that came out this week and each one challenged Ant-Man for the top spot of the box office, but none of them were able to beat them.

Ant-Man repeats at the top of the box office with an estimated $24.7 million. This movies the movie past the $100 million mark and should pass it’s $130 million budget. The movie is not going to be breaking any records for the Marvel series but is doing well enough to get fans excited for the character. He is going to have a bigger role in the Universe, which Marvel has confirmed with him appearing in Captain America Civil War.


The new movie that came close to getting the top spot was Pixels with an estimated $24 million. The movie had high expectations based on the cast and the content of the movie, but the bad reviews may have hindered it’s numbers at the box office. The movie only got a 19% approval rating in it’s first weekend at the box office.

Minions falls to the number three spot with an estimated $22 million. The movie is moving up the charts quickly and has a chance to be the top grossing animated film of the year beating out Inside Out.

Rounding out the top five is the other two new movies to come out. The new boxing drama, Southpaw, premiered with an estimated $16.5 million while John Green’s latest adaptation, Paper Towns, premiered with an estimated $12.5 million.

For the rest of the box office, you can go here.

What movie did you see this weekend?



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