First official ‘Deadpool’ trailer has been released


It is finally here. The first official trailer for the upcoming Marvel adaptation Deadpool has been released by 20th Century Fox. We get a first look at Ryan Reynolds as Wade Miller aka the sarcastic anti-hero Deadpool.

The trailer shows us two minutes and 40 seconds of footage from the movie which include showing a quick explanation of how Wade got to be Deadpool while seeing him in action during a few scenes. Most importantly, though, we got to see why Ryan Reynolds was born to play the role of Deadpool. There is an extended trailer on the movie’s website

Over the last few weeks, 20th Century Fox has been releasing images from the movie, but not many of them were seen in the trailer. This is most likely the same trailer that fans got to see at the San Diego Comic Con. There is still no word if this adaptation of Deadpool is going to fit into the Marvel Universe that Disney has been creating since they bought the franchise, but it doesn’t seem likely based on the fact that Deadpool is rated R.

Deadpool is set to come out February 12th. Make sure to follow Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds on social media for random footage or one-liners that may or may not be in the movie.

What did you think of the trailer?


5 thoughts on “First official ‘Deadpool’ trailer has been released

  1. Given that Deadpool belongs to Fox, it can’t be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It can however exist in the same universe as The X-Men and The Fantastic 4.

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