Doe admits her fear in new ‘Tyrant’ teaser

tyrant teaser 2

A new teaser was released from the 2nd book of the King duology, Tyrant, today on the author’s, T.M. Frazier, Facebook page.

The teaser is just as short as the first one, but definately gives some insigh to the book. It looks like both Doe and King are going to be struggling to find their way back together. Question is, will they succeed? With Frazier at the helm, there is no way to predict it because she has proven that her work can be unpredictable.

The King duology is a spin-off series from The Dark Light of Day novella, Dark Needs. It  follows King on a journey as he tries to get back the two women that he loves the most.

You can pre-order Tyrant on Amazon now and to hold you over until August 14, you can read King.

What do you think of the teaser?

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