‘Beautiful Entourage’ by EL Todd – beautiful story of seeing each other’s true colors

beautiful entourage

Format: ebook, paperback

Format read: ebook

Series: book 1 of 5 of Beautiful Entourage series

Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content

Genre: New Adult

Goodreads page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25453121-beautiful-entourage

In this story, we follow Aspen as she is forced to hire an escort, Rhett, to prove to her father that she deserves the company but doesn’t expect to fall in love with him. The lines between black and white get slurred as both Rhett and Aspen tangle with the standards of the business and their feelings.
Rhett sounds like the epitome of he perfect man and one would wonder if he actually exists, and in the world of books, he can and does. He is everything that Aspen needs and not just for an escort. He is used to women objectify him so when he meets Aspen who treats him like a human being, he finds himself breaking all the rules for her.
Aspen is a determined young woman who does anything she has to get the respect of her father, but she never seems to be good enough. I’m sure this is all something we can relate to in some way. Rhett becomes a piece of forbidden fruit that she can’t stay away from. She knows she can’t have him but the feelings are still there am only get stronger the more he makes her see her worth.
Rhett and Aspen have a fun and beautiful relationship. Rhett shows her that she is not anything like her father says she is and Aspen shows Rhett that there are people in the world who can see him for who he is on he outside not just for his job or his appearance. I like their back and forth especially when it came to her obsession with ice cream and Battleship. It’s those small details that make up a relationship not just the big ones. Rhett is not like what one would think of him and he has more layers that we get to see with his relationship with Aspen.
There are a few loose ends from he end of the book that don’t quite get answered, but since it’s only the first book of the series, we will likely get the answers as the book goes on. At least that’s what I hope. We et to meet the other men of the series that we will get to see find their loves and getting over whatever hang ups they have.
The pace was a little too quick for my taste and some conversations or scenes with Rhett and his brother felt forced but the relationship and back and forth with Aspen and Rhett made up for it.
Rating: B-
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The Beautiful Entourage series
beautiful entourage series
Beautiful Entourage

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