Bobbi and Hunter get their own spin-off show on ABC


There has been a lot of back and forth on whether or not there would be a second spin-off series from Agents of SHIELD starring Mockingbird, Bobbi Morse, and Lance Hunter. And it looks like there has been an official order for a pilot for the show.

If the show finds traction with the fans, it should show how Bobbi and Hunter met, fell in love, and how they were torn apart because of their jobs. This will be the first time that a love story will be the center for a Marvel series, but don’t worry, you will still get that action that you have come to love and expect from the universe. The show is being described as, “a new take focusing on the same duo and their continuing adventures,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bobbi (played by Adrianne Palicki) and Hunter (played by Nick Blood) have a long history and we got to see glimpses of this on the second season of the hit show. The second season ended with Hunter saving Bobbi from Ward’s grasps only to have her tell him that she wants to leave SHIELD. We knew that Hunter fell back in love with Bobbi since she joined back up with him only to feel betrayed about why she joined Coulson. But by the end of the season, Bobbi proves that she loves Hunter by taking a shot that was meant for him.

There is no word on when this show will premiere since Agent Carter is expected to make its second season premiere during the winter break of SHIELD, just like it did last season. Stay tuned for news on the show.

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