Review: ‘Dangerous Stranger’ by EL Todd- repetitive story that’s too farfetched to believe


Format: ebook, paperback

Format read: ebook

Series: book 4 of 5 of Beautiful Entourage series

Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content

Genre: New Adult

Goodreads page:

In the fourth book of the series, we follow Jett as he becomes an escort for a man who wants to tell his family that he’s gay, which is not out of the ordinary for the escorts. But things get complicated when Jett falls for his client’s sister who believes that he is gay.

I wanted to like this book, but it was hard for me to really like. There were a lot of issues that I had with the main one being that it was just beyond believable. Jett did not at all hide his feelings for Ophelia and the explanations he gave for flirting with her were weak and made no sense, but she just believed them. Ophelia was supposed to be this ‘intelligent’ person but she just fell for everything that he said and was under the illusion that he was gay. If I were her, I wouldn’t have believed he was gay.

I had an issue with the conflict and ending of the story. **Spoiler alert (but not really because you probably already knew this would happen) After Ophelia finds out the truth, they get into a fight and she rightfully is angry with Jett for lying to her. But then the second he gets offended because she just doesn’t believe him, she lays down her feelings and apologizes to him. I’m sorry, but if someone did that to me, I would be beyond angry and not so quick to forgive.
But there are some positives to the book. I did like the relationship that Jett had with his friends. They were there to help him when he needed them the most. I like that comradery that they have and wish that I could see more of it in the series.

To me, this story is a lot harder to get through then the other books were. I could see myself reading the other three books while on a vacation or relaxing somewhere, because they are quick reads, but I don’t know if I could read this one again. I don’t like to give bad reviews of books, but this one is a hard one to stomach. It may be worth skipping in the series.

Rating: D+

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