‘War Room’ wins war at the slow box office


It was a slow weekend at the box office, despite two movies that were sure to draw a crowd premiering. They were both able to get into the top five, but neither was able to grab the top spot from last week’s number one movie. This is a trend that we might see from week to week until November hits and the last Hunger Games movie comes out.

War Room repeats at the number one spot this weekend with an estimated $ 9.3 million in the second week. The movie continues to surprise in the second week as it brings its grand box office total to $24.6 million, far surpassing the $3 million budget. The movie should remain in the top five in the coming weeks, but may start to lose its muster.
Straight Outta Compton continues to surprise everyone, though it really shouldn’t, with its success. The movie brought in an estimated $8.8 million in its fourth week. This brings the grand box office total to $147.7 million, shattering its $28 million. With the success it’s having, the talks of making a similar movies about rappers who changed the game have been circulating so don’t be surprised if it happens.


The two new movies to premiere this week was A Walk in the Woods with an estimated $8.4 million and The Transporter Refueled with an estimated $7.1 million. The latest Mission Impossible movie, Rogue Nation is in the middle of the two new movies with an estimated $7.1 million.

There are two new movies set to come out next week. The thriller about an obsessive ex-boyfriend in The Perfect Guy and two friends who enjoy the single life try being ‘friends with benefits’ in Sleeping with Other People. With the number of choices at the box office limited, both movies should be able to get into the top five and have a strong chance at grabbing that number one spot. For the rest of the box office you can go here.

What movie did you see this weekend?


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