Lionsgate announces the names for the final two ‘Divergent’ movies


As if things couldn’t get any worse, Lionsgate has announced that it’s going to be changing the final movie for the Divergent saga. Instead of the final two movies being called part 1 and part 2, the final two movies will be called The Divergent series: Allegiant and The Divergent series: Ascendant. This is an attempt to separate this split from the other movies that have been split (Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games) and go with the tactic that The Hobbit did.

The news was broken by MTV as they released the news along with the two taglines for the movies. Allegiant’s tagline is going to be: ‘Break the Boundaries of the World’ and Ascendant reads, ‘The End is Never What You Expect’. Both taglines fit into the theme that is going to be for the movies. The first half of the final book Allegiant, has Tris trying to figure out what that outside world is going on from the big twist at the end of the second movie. In the final part, fans of the book know just how well that tagline fits. I hold on hope that it means that they are going to change how the ending in the book happened.


Of course, with any news that is announced on Twitter, fans will react and let you know right away whether or not they like the news. And it’s not looking good. Many fans don’t like it, while some are neutral. It’s possible that many fans are still trying to get the bitter taste out of their mouth from the last movie, which fell short of expectations. With the split, the movies will allow for more of the story to be explored and possibly fix some (and hopefully all) of the problems that came out of the second movie.

Allegiant is set to come out March 2016 and Ascendant coming out March 2017. The official synopsis haven’t been released yet, but with the news of the name split, it should happen soon.

 What do you think of the news?


One thought on “Lionsgate announces the names for the final two ‘Divergent’ movies

  1. I don’t like it, I think they should’ve just gone with the whole ,part one part two thing.

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