Review: ‘Scorched’ by Jennifer Armentrout – a heartbreaking story of overcoming one of life’s hardest things

Format: ebook, paperback
Format read: ebook
Series: book 2 of Frigid series
Genre: New Adult

In the second book of the series, we follow Syd and Kyler’s best friends Andrea and Tanner join them on a vacation to a cabin in the woods (this should sound familiar if your read the first book). Tanner and Andrea have a love/hate relationship that seems to be stuck in the hate gear. Things change when they get there as Tanner and Andrea learn that the other is more then what they had seen.

Tanner is proof that people do change as they get older. He was a ‘player’ but as time passed and he got older, he matured and realized that there is more to life then sleeping around. Andrea struggles with trying to please everyone in her family while trying to make herself happy. Tanner is the first thing that made truly happy, but she doesn’t know how to accept it.

Armentrout touches on a touchy subject but it’s a subject that many can relate to in some way. Watching Andrea struggle with her addiction and trying to balance her life was heartbreakingly tragic but spoke volumes to how quickly things can turn south. I am just in complete awe and love with how Armentrout developed Andrea. We got to slowly watch her lose control slowly over time until she explodes (so to speak).

What I liked best about this book was not only seeing what happened to the person that was suffering from the addiction, but how it affected the people in their life. We get to see the struggle that Andrea’s friends and family had with watching her go through it and the guilt they had for not doing something sooner. We all have that assumption that everything is going to work out in the end so when something bad happens, we feel like we could have done something to avoid it.

This is one those books that touch you in ways that you don’t even realize. The best ones are the ones that you can relate to and speak to you. The ones that let you know that life can be messed up at times, but there is someone that can help. All you have to do is ask.

This book is one that is going to get you to look at your life a little closer and see if there is anything that you can do to make it better so that you can be truly happy. And if there were any naysayers out there doubting Armentrout’s ability to create a ‘real’ story about ‘real’ things you won’t be saying that anymore.

Rating: A+

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