New teaser from ‘The Seduction of Alex Parker’ by Sandi Lynn has Emerson getting some bad news



Never stay in one place too long. That was my motto. After the accident, at the age of eighteen, I left my home in California to travel the world, seeking out new and adventurous wonders like my twin sister and I had planned to do since we were kids. Eight years later, I was forced to return home, to the one place that held the most traumatic memories for me. My money was running out and my brother, Adam, refused to send me more until we sat down and had a talk about me settling down in one place. That was when I met billionaire Alex Parker — an arrogant, uptight control freak who thought I would actually listen to him. Boy, did he have another thing coming. My name is Emerson James and this is my story.

She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. But she was mouthy and defiant, just like her brother warned me she was. She was a free spirit and very irresponsible with her life. Not my type at all. I only dated women of an upper class status — the ones who kept their mouths shut and were successful in their careers. I had everything life could offer and I was content. At least, I thought was, until Emerson James came into my life. She was getting ready to go off on another adventure and I was determined to get her to settle down in one place: California. My name is Alex Parker and this is my story.




I threw my phone down on the couch and paced around the room. I was going crazy here in Texas and I needed to leave ASAP. I had other places to go. He didn’t understand. He couldn’t understand. No matter how many times I tried to explain it, he didn’t want to hear it. Just because he was happy being cooped up in an office working a nine to five job didn’t mean shit.

The next morning, as I was drinking my coffee and dodging calls from Billy, my phone rang.  It was Adam.

“What?” I answered in a huff.

“Watch that tone of yours, little sister. Listen, I’ve been thinking that you need to come back to California for a while. We need to sit down and have a talk.”

“You mean you need to sit down and lecture me? And I don’t want to go back there.”

He sighed. “My job is relocating me to Tennessee for the next three months to try and save a company that’s going under. I’ve bought a plane ticket for you and you’re going to stay with a friend of mine. His name is Alex Parker.”

“Why can’t I stay at your place? If I decided to come back.”

“Because it’s being renovated while I’m gone and it will be unlivable.”

“So you want me to stay with a guy friend of yours? What brother does that to his sister? Tells her to move in with a total stranger?”

“Trust me. You have nothing to worry about with Alex. Besides, he owes me a favor and I called it in last night. Three months, Em, and then I’ll be back and we’re going to talk. But, within those three months, you are to figure out your damn life and decide where you’re going to plant yourself in this world and stay. Alex’s house is huge and he’s never home, so you’ll barely see him.”





Sandi Lynn, A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, spends her days writing full-time to provide her readers romance novels that will whisk them away to another world. She has a severe coffee addiction and can usually be found hanging out at the local Starbucks with her laptop, sipping lattes, and writing her books.







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Thanks to Ink Slinger Blogger for setting up the launch


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