‘Gotham’ 2×1 – The villains rise in season premiere

gotham 2_1_1 In the last season of Gotham, we got to the origins of The Dark Knight as 13 year old Bruce Wayne. We watch as he experiences tragedy when his parents are murdered right in front of him. We also get to the beginning of Jim Gordon as he takes on the detective role with his partner Bullock. They take on the impossible task of trying to clean up the streets of Gotham. This proves to be hard when you have Penguin, Fish Mooney, and two mafia families refuse to back down. The show has a lot of twists and turns that has you guessing week to week. This season, we should expect a lot of the same things but expect the stakes to be even higher. In the trailers that Fox has released for the second season, we see that the villains are on the rise and are looking to officially take over Gotham. Make sure to grab your bowl of popcorn and strap yourself in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

We begin the season right where the last season left off as Bruce and Alfred as they go deep in the underworld of what is behind the library book case but it ends relatively anticlimactically as they can’t enter because it needs a password. Did we really think it would be that easy? Like Bruce Wayne for the rest of the episode, we are frustrated that we get another road block to the road that will ultimately be Batman.

gotham 2_1_3Gordon and Loeb continue to butt heads as Loeb continues and succeeds (at least for now) in getting Gordon out of the GCPD. He uses a weak excuse to do it, even after Gordon was able to apprehend a crazed man shooting up the city yelling, “Zaardon the soul-ripper”. Of course, Gordon is not going to take this sitting down, despite that newly retired Bullock and girlfriend Thompkins are happy that he is off the force.

It looks like Gordon is not learning from old mistakes as he once again asks for help from the new ‘King of Gotham’ Penguin/Oswald. Oswald, of course, obliges for a ‘favor in return’. Szasz helps Gordon threaten Loeb into signing his papers back which lead to the death of Barker. Gordon feels guilty for what he did to return to the force and it proves that notion that we heard in The Dark Knight Rise, “no one in Gotham is innocent”.

gotham 2_1_2The highlight of the show is when we get to go to the Asylum and see Barbara trying to adjust after admitting that she killed her parents. She meets and becomes friends with Jerome (who is showing all the signs of being the Joker, but has yet to be confirmed as such). He and Sionis have taking a liking to her and help her not only terrorize Gordon and Thompkins from the Asylum but escape with new comer Tabitha. We find out that she is collecting inmates for her brother Theo Galavan who had released Zaardon to terrorize the public. Likely Zaardon was a ruse to get an inside person in for the Asylum.

In the next episode, the villains begin to wreck havoc on Gotham as Gordon tries to put a team he can trust together to take them down. Good luck with that.

What did you think of the episode?


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