‘Quantico’ 1×1 – season premiere that has you wanting more

quanitco 1_1_2

In one of the most talked about new shows, we get a group of men and women at the top of their game as they go through FBI training, only to find out that one of them is going to lead to be a terrorist 9 months later.

The show opens with a bang as the city is recovered from a terrorist attack. Before flashing back to when the prospects join the training and begin. There is a whole lot of flashing back and forth between the past and the present as Alex (who looks like is going to be the lead on the show) tries to figure out who exactly is responsible for the attack.

The recruits quickly jump into the tests as they try and weed out the weaker agents to get to the best of the best. It’s during this time that Alex has to go through the people she spent the last six months getting to know. It’s unclear if whether or not this is going to happen throughout the whole show. What is unclear is why they are so trusting that Alex is not the terrorist or if she is a suspect.

The first test is a doozy as it causes one of them to snap. They were asked to expose one secret from someone else in the group. This would allow them to learn how to research someone and then interview them to get the answer. This is some deep stuff for the first episode. It causes one of the recruits, Eric (who was a prodigy) to admit to Caleb ‘I thought she would die’ before shooting himself. Looks like he got a 14 year old pregnant and she died when they were trying to get an illegal abortion.

Alex’s secret is a deep one that goes deeper then what the rest of the recruits see. She killed her father to protect her mother. It’s not until after he’s dead that she realizes that her father was in CIA. She is desperate to know more information on him. She might come to find out that knowledge may not be the best thing.

quantico 1_1_1

In the present time, Alex can’t figure out what the FBI wants but she knows it’s nothing good because she sees a note that says ‘keep stalling’. Keep stalling for what? It looks like they are thinking that she is the one that is responsible. They find bomb plans in her apartment and Ryan is shot, bleeding out in her apartment. Alex gets placed under arrest but Miranda helps her escape because they know that if they get to the jail, she will die.

The most important clues or things to pull from this show are that Nimah is showing some inconsistencies (like how Simon caught her putting her shall on different shoulders). Oh yeah, and there are two of her. Simon went to the Palestine and spent some time there ‘learning to get to know their culture better’. Caleb has two parents are in the FBI. Could he want something to prove or to make a name for himself? Alex is being framed for the crime. It’s likely that Alex is not responsible because it’s only the first episode. But it is important to know that her father was in the CIA. Ryan is an undercover agent working with the group to investigate Alex. Looks like she was the target from the beginning. O’Connor is the one that sent Ryan undercover. He also was gun-ho on arresting Alex which seemed he was trying too hard.

Top 3 suspects
1. O’Connor – he is the one that had Ryan sent undercover to investigate Alex after she gets framed. Been setting up the whole thing to pin it on her.
2. Nimah – the fact that there are two of them in the room makes you wonder why they are doing that?
3.  Simon – not much to go on for now, but the fact he did go to Palestine did work against him.

What did you think of the show?


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