Review: ‘Broken Harbor’ by Tana French – you can never escape the ghosts from the past

the broken harbour

Format: ebook, hardcover, paperback

Format Read: ebook

Series: book 4 of Murder Squad

Rating: 18+ for language, graphic violence, themes

Goodreads page:

In this book, ace detective Scorcher investigates the devastating murder of a family with rookie. He soon learns that not everything is as black and white in the world as he once thought.

We return back to partners being the focus of doing the investigation, like in the first book. The difference is that Scorcher is training a rookie in Richie, who is trying to make a name in the Murder Squad. They have a lot of back and forth, but like Scorcher says, he likes that Richie sticks up for what he believes in.

It’s a brutal crime that they have to investigate and as they comply the evidence, it seems that you have a clear suspect. As French has proven once again in these books, you can’t assume anything because the truth goes so much deeper. The truth has a lot of twists that is going to keep you guessing all the way to the end.

Scorcher is the go to guy when it comes to big cases because he gets results no matter what. It was no surprise that he got this case but as his personal life and real life collide, he begins to question himself. Which is something that you can not do a detective. We get too see the changes in Scorcher as he tries to separate his real life from work and how it will inevitable overlap. Most good cops become cops because they feel that they need to justify a situation that happened in their life. As we dive into Scorcher’s childhood, we see what motivated him to become a cop and really feel the guilt that he has to carry on with him his whole life.

French has such a beautiful way of writing that each character she creates comes to life through the words on the page. You feel as if you are working the investigation alongside Scorcher that you start asking questions that you want them to answer. And the best part is that ‘oh my God’ moment that you have when you read her books, because there is always at least one.

Rating: A

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