‘Gotham’ 2×2 – The villains begin their takeover

gotham 1_2_1

The villains are going to be taking over Gotham this season on Gotham as Gordon tries to battle it out with the GCPD to stop them. It is going to be a long battle as they have to fight with the fact that there is going to be some dirty cops that will challenge their fight. In the last episode, Theo breaks out five inmates from the Arkham Asylum and starts training them to do his bidding while Gordon makes another deal with Oswald to seal his fate with the GCPD.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Knock Knock’, the villains begin to wreck havoc on Gotham as Gordon tries to put a team he can trust together to take them down. Good luck with that.

Theo begins his plan to take over Gotham with the help of his newly recruited escaped inmates. He starts off by threatening the mayor to resign so of course he could run for mayor and take the position (or so we assume). Next, he has his inmates, led by Jerome, to kill seven people with a message that spells out ‘MANIAX!’. This looks like it maybe their calling card when they do their bidding, or maybe there is more to the story. Stay tuned to find out.

gotham 1_2_2

We get to see the beginning of Jerome’s reign as terror as Theo gives him the foundation that will become one of the biggest nemesis for Batman. Theo trains the other inmates to try and follow in his shadow. Jerome embraces this and proves it to the other inmates he should be the leader of them. The next act fails as Gordon stops them, but his lead witness Arnold gets killed before he question him. Obviously Theo had a plan B.

Their next plan is successful however. The inmates break into the police station and kill all the police as Barbara watches Aaron beat up Gordon. The show once again proves that its unpredictable and that no one is safe as Jerome ends up killing Essen. The upside is that it inspires Bullock to come back.

gotham 1_2_3

Bruce continues his obsession to find out the inner workings to Wayne Enterprise. He finds the ‘smoking gun’ but Alfred refuses to let him be at the end of that smoking gun. Bruce and Alfred come to an agreement for them to work together to find out the truth behind the room. We get to see Lucius Fox again as Alfred meets with him to ask him to fix the computer.

Edward continues to spiral down as his ‘other self’ continues to taunt him. But he does redeem himself with Ms. Kringle as he saves her life during the shooting at the police station.

In the next episode, Jerome continues to rampage on Gotham as he performs his second act that may lead to some problems for Gordon and Bullock.

What did you think of the show?

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