‘Chicago PD’ 3×1 – The unit loses one of their own and it takes someone who is lost to find them

chicago pd 3_1_1

The last season of Chicago PD was a roller coaster of emotion, especially for Lindsey. She took it the hardest when Nadia was murdered during one of the crossover episodes and it led to her effectively quitting from the force. Olinsky learned that he fathered another child which will certainly create problems as him and his wife try to work things out. The only happy point of the show is that Ruzek and Burgess got engaged. We will see how far this goes, but it sounds like it will lead to the season finale likely being their wedding.

In the season opener, titled ‘Life is Fluid’, Halstead goes undercover to try and take down a drug lord but gets caught in their cross hairs. It takes a female cop to save him. Will this be the case that brings Lindsey back for good or is she just going to come back and save Halstead? Either way, she has a long and hard road ahead of her, but if anyone can do it, it’s her.

The show opens with Dawson helping save one of his CIs who was trying to commit suicide. He promises to go after the man who made her want to. Off to investigate, Benji. As they use him to try and ‘catch a whale’ as Voight calls it. Except this Moby Dick is not something that they’ve dealt with before.

chicago pd 3_1_2

Derek takes Halstead and wants the CI list in order to save Halstead. But Voight is not one to give up easily. He takes another stab at getting Lindsey back and knows that Halstead is the way for her to do it. Voight is not so happy about it because of the way she left, but he knows that she is their best chance at getting him out alive. Question will be is she sober and strong enough to do it?

Lindsey shows why she needs to be in the PD but is it enough proof for her? The rest of the unit knows that she is the difference maker but she needs to believe that she is. Lindsey says that she wants back in but Voight says he will only take her back if she severs ties with her mom Bunny. He is right that Bunny is poison in her life, but will Lindsey be able to stay away from her.

Halstead spends a lot of his time trying to get Lindsey to come back. Which is going to be a battle because she is too deep in the whole, just like her mother wants her. Ruzek asks Atwater to be his best man and Roman asks Burgess to rethink marrying a cop. Olinsky meets with his new daughter Michelle when he bails her out of juvenile detention and we know that he’s not going to let her fall into the same mess that her mother is in. Burgess finds a needle in Roman’s bag and it could be anything that is not good.

In the next episode, the unit look for a missing child, while Lindsey tries to let go of her mother.

What did you think of the show?



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