‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×3 recap – a young boy is killed after being targeted by three bullies

svu 17_3_1

We return back to the typical ways of SVU as they tackle a sensitive issue as they tackle the issue of transgender as a teenage boy who dresses like a girl gets picked on by three teenage boys and things escalate fast before she is pushed over the bridge. Law and Order has never been afraid to touch on the subjects that are relevant to today’s world and transgender is a big topic of discussion for today.

The show touches on how prejudices start and how they can lead to things to escalate and lead to accidents happening. The boy, Darius, who pushed the victim (Avery) is a good kid who wants to do better for himself, his mom, and his little sister.

Of course the subject bleeds over to the detectives on what their opinion is. Of course Carisi is confused and doesn’t understand what is going on, but he at least is having an open mind about it. Rollins tries to explain to him how the world is and he begins to understand.

svu 17_3_2

When it comes time to the trial draws near it gets very complicated as Avery codes while in the hospital so now the assault turns into manslaughter. The DA wants to make an example out of Darius as they are going to try him as an adult instead of a minor which means he could find himself in jail for seven years. It looks like the DA is using a very tricky case to try and move forward its agenda and it’s not going to bode well that Avery’s parents don’t support their choice either.

During the trail, Avery’s father tries to help Darius serve a lesser sentence but it’s not enough for the judge to rule not guilty. Benson is beyond happy with the DA for using this case as an example for future similar crimes. The DA had a point and is right that they need to make a point, but there could have been a better case to do such that.

This show once again proves why SVU is still relevant for today and why the show is in fact still on the air thriving. It touches on sensitive subjects and isn’t afraid to voice the opinions that exist in the world. The show also shows the world that we live in is very ugly and how much we need to change to get to that world where there is no more hate.

In the next episode, Whoopi Goldberg guest stars in a show where a child abuse ring is set in place and there are a lot players that are high up in the city.

What did you think of the show?


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