‘Quantico’ 1×2 – Alex tries to clear her name while trainees learn how to find a terrorist

quantico 1_2_1

In the season premiere we see that a terrorist attack is done on the country just months after the FBI recruited some new members and started training them. We quickly start to see the types of things that they have to succeed in so that they can be a part of the FBI. We know that Alex is being framed for the attack but we don’t know who is doing it and why. As of now, O’Connor is the top suspect but we won’t know until we start to uncover what happened that day.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘America’, Alex tries to find out who is framing her in the present time, while during the training, the trainees learn how to find the ‘needle in the haystack’. The trainees are still adjusting to what happened in the last episode.

A new nemesis, or a new shadow, as a fellow applicant, Natalie is competing against her in every way possible. She finds an interest in Ryan and while Alex pretends she doesn’t care, we all know that she does. The good thing about competition is that it can bring out the best in people, and Alex would be the one that would rise to the occasion.

The focus of the episode for training was stopping an attack from occurring. O’Connor creates a fake threat on the country and the trainees need to figure out what the attack is and who is setting up the attack. Alex once again proves why she is the best of the trainees as she gets a break before everyone else, especially Natalie.

quantico 1_2_2

In the present time, Alex goes on search for the needle to clear her name. O’Connor is too focused on Alex as we learn that O’Connor fell in love Alex but she rejected him. Natalie is gun-ho on trying to convict Alex, but for a different reason then O’Connor I’m sure. She has to do some unethical things to try and get the truth.

Booth wakes up and he talks with Alex. He says that he will help her try and catch the real terrorist but he says he will have to make her look guilty. This makes you wonder if he’s in on it, or he has his own agenda.

The most important clues or things to pull from this show are that O’Connor is acting like he doesn’t know that Ryan is there to spy on the assistant director of training, Miranda, and not because of his orders. We meet officially the other half of the Nimah twins. Her name is Reena. We also find out that Reena and Nimah are working together with Miranda for an unknown reason. The issue with that is Miranda had helped Alex escape. Perhaps she had Nimah and Reena investigating O’Connor. Miranda is angry with the Bureau for shooting her down and always watching her.

Top 3 suspects

  1. O’Connor – he is the one that had Ryan sent undercover to investigate Alex after she gets framed. Been setting up the whole thing to pin it on her.

This episode, we find out that he was in love with Alex who had rejected him.

  1. Nimah – the fact that there are two of them in the room makes you wonder why they are doing that?

We find out that she is working with Miranda undercover for some reason.

  1. Natalie – she seems like a long shot but the fact that she didn’t like failing to Alex makes it suspicious because whoever it was the planted the evidence, is targeting her.

In the next episode, Ryan continues to help Alex try and clear her name while the FBI continue their search for her.

What did you think of the show?


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