‘Agents of SHIELD’ 3×2 recap: Ward returns with a new plan to rebuild Hydra

shield 3_2_1

The show is quickly becoming the ‘it’ show that shows how comic book shows should be done. Marvel is able to link both the movies and the TV world together. This show focuses on Fitz’s journey to try and find Simmons and with the help of the other agents he is able to make some headway. Fitz is not one to give up, especially when it involves Simmons.

In the season opener, SHIELD help a man named, Joey, who is going through the change while they try and figure out who is hunting Inhumans. In this episode, titled ‘Purpose in the Machine’, Ward returns with a plan to rebuild Hydra, while Coulson helps Fitz try and save Simmons.

The whole team gets on board to help Fitz to try and save Simmons (or at least find her) when Fitz figures out that the Montalist is a portal to another world. Coulson gets the help of an old acquaintance, named Professor Elliott Randolph (guest star Peter MacNicol), to try and find out where the portal goes to but he comes with a lot of strings (as most villains tend to do) and an old friend in Dr. Garner.

Randolph takes them on a journey to England where the symbol that Fitz found was last seen. There they find some interesting information about the portal and what it could mean for saving Simmons. They find that the room is able to control the Montalist, but it’s not as easy as they had thought it was going to be. Daisy is able to open up the portal and Fitz goes in and saves Simmons.

shield 3_2_2

Ward is out for vengeance as tries to recruit new agents and get information on trying to rebuild Hydra. He kidnaps a young man named Alexander (Spencer Treat Clark, Cymbeline). Ward had a big plan for Hydra and Alexander is the key to unlocking it. Alexander’s father used to be one of the leaders to Hydra which is what piqued Ward’s interest.

May is trying to forget about SHIELD and become just a regular civilian, but proves more difficult then she imagined. Hunter goes and has a heart to heart with her in hopes that he can talk her into coming back or to help him kill Ward. Which by the end of the show she finally sees that she can’t really let go of SHIELD. Which means that May is coming back. At least until she is able to tie up all her loose ends.

It looks like there is going to be a potentially big battle between Hunter and Ward in regards to what happened in the season 2 finale. Ward is going to want to take down anyone and everyone that he can that is related to getting him to kill Kara and Hunter is going to want Ward’s head for almost killing Bobbi. It looks like May and Hunter are going to be teaming up together for the battle against Ward since she is responsible for Kara’s death. Best news of the night is that Simmons is back and that she finally sees what Fitz means to her.

In the next episode, Daisy tries to help Lincoln but things get difficult when someone betrays them and tries to take them down.

What did you think of the show?


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