‘Chicago PD’ 3×2 – the unit stops at nothing to find the person responsible for killing a young boy

chicago pd 3_2_1

In the season opener, titled ‘Life is Fluid’, Halstead goes undercover to try and take down a drug lord but gets caught in their cross hairs. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Natural Born Storyteller’, the squad look for the person responsible for killing a young child while Lindsey tries to let go of her mother.

The show starts off with Burgess and Roman chasing after a suspect but what they stumble upon is something deeper than they were expecting as Burgess finds a child, named Jeremy, beaten to death in an abandoned refrigerator. As with anyone with a conscious, the kid cases hit closer to home for the unit as they try and find the person responsible for killing the young boy.

The first suspect, Darien, used to live on the neighborhood that the kid lived on and his grievance with why he left and why he was looked at for another child killing makes him a red flag. When they find out that he’s living with another pedophile, they see that there is more to this case then what they originally thought. Someone took Darien away but they don’t know why. Or at least to everyone but Voight.

Voight is able to get the location that the boy’s father took Darien and he is beating him trying to get him to admit that he killed Jeremy. Now, their case just got that much more difficult as they will have to arrest the father and have a harder time proving if Darien is the killer because there is no way he’s going to talk now.

chicago pd 3_2_2

When another kid goes missing, they figure out that it’s a mechanic named Trip Hollister and he’s now on the run with the Chicago PD breathing down his neck. They find that Trip went to high school with the fathers of the two victims and the man he killed. The connection and why he chose them is the two men accidentally killed Trip’s son when they were in college.

Burgess is obsessed over the needle that she found in Roman’s bag but she should be prepared with the answers that she may get when she finds out. Turns out that someone he helped in the past’s kid has cancer. When there is kids involved, it forces the unit to look at their own lives with their kids including Olinksky trying to help his newly found daughter Michelle. Lindsey tries to talk to her mom, but she is using Nadia to try and make her feel guilty. She thinks that Voight is going to get Lindsey killed when her relationship with Lindsey can also get Lindsey killed. Bunny starts a war against Voight as she goes above Voight and says he falsifies a report to put an innocent man behind bars. 

In the next episode, a desperate father holds a man hostage until the Chicago PD is able to find his kid.

What did you think of the show?

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