‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×4 recap – The squad try and find out who is responsible for a young child’s death

svu 17_4_2

We are only three episodes into the season, but SVU has already shown that they still have the moxy that it had when the show first premiered. It proves just why the show has been on for seventeen years and why the fans are so loyal. We have come to love all the characters and the stories are still able to to shock us from week to week.

In the last episode, SVU touched on the sensitive subject of transgender as a DA uses a murky case of accidental death to make an example out of. In this week’s episode titled ‘Institutional Fail’, Whoopi Goldberg guest stars in a show where a child abuse ring is set in place and there are a lot players that are high up in the city.

The show starts off with good news as Benson gets word that she gets the title of lieutenant but it’s short lived when a new case presents itself as a young boy walks a few blocks to get food because his place doesn’t have any. When Benson gets the call, she makes it priority considering she has a young kid now so these cases have more meaning for her.

The case is darker then they first thought as Benson and Carisi see that the boy, Bruno’s, mother has them sleeping in cages. When one of them dies, SVU works hard to punish those who are responsible. Including the social workers. Chief Dodds and the Governor is not pleased that they are taking the case to try and make a statement. They are able to succeed as New York is going to change the way that child services works their cases for the future.

svu 17_4_1

Things are starting to get harder for Rollins as she starts the whole black wardrobe. Operation hide baby has now commenced. Benson helps her hide the fact that she is pregnant but doesn’t let her do much besides make calls and stay at the station. It doesn’t last long before Dodds sees her and puts her on desk duty. Considering she goes from looking two months pregnant to seven months pregnant could be why.

This is another one of those gray area cases because this is something that is a problem with is wrong with this country. There are too many families that these social workers have to help and they get stretched thin. There are going to be cases that slip through the cracks when it shouldn’t. That’s the problem with finding social workers. It’s not the kids that you save that stay with you, but the ones that you don’t.

In the next episode, the show touches on yet another sensitive subject that exists in the world today as it’s ripped from the headlines when a white cop shoots an unarmed black man and it raises the fight of racism in America.

What did you think of the show?


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