‘How to Get Away With Murder’ 2×3 recap – Annalise gets complications in both of her cases

htgam 2_3_1

The season so far has taken on a roller coaster ride and we are only two shows in. We find out that Annalise may be bisexual as she had a romantic relationship with one of her classmates from Harvard. Could she have been manipulating Eve’s feelings for her so that she could get Nate free? Wouldn’t put it past her considering how she’s been playing Nate like a yo-yo. Now we see that everyone around Annalise is a murderer except for her (that we know of) and Asher. Four of her prodigies are responsible for killing Sam, Frank killed Lila for Sam (we don’t know why yet), and Bonnie killed Rebecca. Bonnie is becoming the source of Annalise’s frustrations and we will see how far she will go before she snaps. Perhaps she is the one that shot Annalise and not Connor like we are forced to believe right now.

In the last episode, Annalise tries to clear the twin’s name but a hiccup presents itself, elsewhere, we see that the interns were there when Annalise got shot. In tonight’s show, called ‘It’s Called the Octopus’, we see Annalise take on a client that is part of a sex club. The case for the siblings takes an unexpected turn for the worst as a new motive surfaces that complicates the case.

Annalise continues to try and clear the twin’s name and see that she is still reeling from what happened. Things don’t get easier as news breaks that the siblings are sleeping with one another. Annalise is probably wishing she didn’t fight so hard for the case now. There is going to be a full circle with them since it looks like it’s their house that she gets shot in.

This week’s topic for the class discussion is sex. It has to do with her new case. Her new client, Tanya (Michelle Hurd, Witches of East End) is a prostitute who accidentally killed one of her clients that had a heart attack during their time together. The whole world of BDSM is going to be on trial and what is too much. They try and bring in someone to help but of course who wants to put their sex life out in the public.

htgawm 2_3_2

This case complicates itself, which is exactly what Annalise needs, as she finds out that Tanya switched to have the victim in her room and that she killed him because she loved him. Confusing right? She said she wanted to have his wife leave him when his wife found out about his extracurricular activities. So Annalise does something a little unorthodox. She tries to get client off by proving that it wasn’t manslaughter but murder. By saying that it was the wife is the one that killed him.

Laurel and Frank try to build a relationship then more than just sex. Frank tries to glaze over all the bad things that he’s done and how he’s helped Annalise. Asher helps the DA out for the last time as we find out that she’s been threatening Asher with some secret about a lake and a girl named Tiffany. Wes recognizes Levi as Rebecca’s foster brother and he learns that Levi is looking for Rebecca. They team up together to try and find out the truth. At the end of the show, Nate picks up the interns as if he was expecting them. Does that mean he is in on it?

In the next episode, Annalise gets a client that asks her to kill her why the mystery of who shot Annalise thickens.

What did you think of the show?


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