First official footage for ‘Shadowhunters’ has been released


The first official footage from the Shadowhunters TV show was shown earlier today at the New York Comic Con. The show had a panel at the comic con and talked about what we can expect from the show before introducing the footage. The first trailer was released yesterday and offered just a taste of what we are going to expect, but today the first official footage was released today.

In the footage, we get two new 3 minute videos. The first one has Clary running into Jace for the first time before following him into Pandemonium to look for some answers. The second video, about 4 minutes long, has Jace, Isabelle, and Alec fighting off some underworlders with Clary watching. The two videos combined look to be the first few scenes of the new show as this is the beginning of the first book. So it’s safe to safe we are going to start from the beginning.

Fans have still mixed feelings about the actors playing the main characters, but it’s going to take a few episodes for a final opinion to be formed. Of course, things could change as the season progresses. The show is looking to do what the movie couldn’t do and get a sequel. It looks like they are using CGI graphics to show the blood or the gory part of the story (at least when it comes to the deaths of the Underworlders). It has a ‘fun’ feeling attached to the show but that could change in the aspect of the full show.

The Shadowhunters series is set to come out January 12, 2016 at 9pm on ABC Family which will soon be called Freeform. This is the best news of the day though as we find out the find out when the show is going to officially premiere. And it’s in a three short months.

What did you think of the footage?


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