Review: ‘The Affiliate’ by K.A. Linde – Time piece story that didn’t quite catch my love

affiliateFormat: ebook, paperback

Format read: ebook (arc copy)

Series: book 1 of The Ascension series

Rating: 14+ for themes

Goodreads page:

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I should note that before I write this review, it should be taken with a grain of salt. I am not a big fan of the time pieces (like Jane Eyre). I get a lot of slack from people being all like, ‘you’re an English major how can you not care for Little Woman or Jane Eyre’ and I really don’t have a good explanation. The heart likes what the heart likes.

With that said, I decided to read this story because I liked some other books by K.A. Linde and I thought I may have liked this one. That didn’t turn out to be the case. Linde was able to capture the atmosphere of the time and the language, but like with the other time classics, it didn’t have the excitement that I hoped for. There were glimmers of it in the story when it came to Cyrene and Edric’s forbidden love blossoming, but the scenes were so few and far between, it was hard to get into that aspect of the story.

What did pique my attention and kept me reading was the mystery to all the dying Affiliates that were going on. With it being a series, it was a safe bet that Cyrene would be safe (for now) but it is curious to see who is responsible for all the deaths. That was a little bit of a shocker, but if you pay close enough attention you may be able to figure it out. The fact that there was this mystery, I was expecting some big dramatic reveal or some action-y way of it coming to a conclusion, neither of which happened.

For me, it didn’t work. It doesn’t mean that you won’t like it as well. Perhaps if you are the one that likes the time pieces then you may like it. In fact, I’m sure that if you do like Jane Eyre and Little Women then you would probably like and appreciate this story more than me. Perhaps in another time and place, but for now it just seems lackluster.

Rating: C-


The Ascension series

The Affiliate

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The Bound (2016)

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