‘Gotham’ 2×4 – Theo starts the next part of his plan

gotham 2_4_1

In the last show, titled ‘The Last Laugh’, Gordon and Bullock continue to try and hunt down the Maniax while Jerome makes a move on the Gotham Children’s Hospital. There is a quite a shocker as Jerome gets killed by Theo. The writes have stated that The Joker is going to be an epidemic rather than just one person personified. Of course, as we get more into the show, there will be someone to step up and be the role of The Joker. It’s a shame that they didn’t keep Jerome. He was spot on as the crazy clown.

In this episode, titled ‘The Strike Force’, there is a new face in town wanting to help the GCPD take down the Maniax and Oswald but will have a hard time trying to do so. With Barnes as the new Captain he is going to stop at nothing to take down the crime in Gotham, including Gordon’s little friend, The Penguin.

Now that the captain and commissioner, Sarah Essen, has been taken out, the GCPD needs a new face to lead them.  Nathanial Barnes (Michael Chiklis, TV’s The Shield) takes the lead and changes the way that they get justice. He starts with cleaning out house with the police department and he makes Gordon his second. He lets Bullock and Gordon loose and lets them blur the lines between right and wrong in order to take down Maniax. Thus increasing the chaos in Gotham.

Oswald tries to figure out who broke out the Maniax because it’s hurting his business. He has some morals. He cares a lot of about his money more so then creating chaos in Gotham. Hearing the news, Theo meets with Oswald. It looks like Theo has his eye on the prize. That is the mayoral race. He wants to team up with Oswald to try and build his business and take out his competition. He gets a taste of his medicine as they kidnapped his mother to make sure that he goes along with the plan.

gotham 2_4_2

Gordon and Barnes go to the Academy to recruit some new officers to help them clean up Gotham. They recruit four agents called Alpha, a strike force that will answer only to Gordon. He has his work cut out for him as their first target is going to be the Penguin. As they have had dealings in the past, expect that to come out, especially if Oswald gets backed into a corner.

Bruce returns to school and Alfred tells Selina to leave Bruce alone. But he has someone else to worry about. He is having dinner with Theo. Theo uses this time to get Bruce on his side, which include using his parents’ death as a way in and a young girl. Using hormones against Bruce.

Edward finally gets the courage, with the help of his split personality, and asks Ms. Kringle out on a date. With the new confidence she says yes, but let’s see if that confidence carries over into the date. But he almost messes up when he accidentally slips that her ex is dead.

In the next episode, Penguin bows down to Theo as we find out that he’s working for someone else who has their sights set on Bruce.

What did you think of the show?



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