‘Quantico’ 1×3 – Simon helps Alex try and find out who’s framing her

quantico 1_3_2

In the last episode, we see Alex try to clear her name as we learn that she didn’t shoot Ryan but that someone’s been trying to frame her since she entered Quantico. Makes you wonder if she was only allowed in because of the fact that her father was an FBI agent. O’Connor is still the prime suspect in the one that launched the terrorist attack and it’s becoming more and more clearer with each episode. But, try not to get to comfortable with that idea in case the show wants to be smart and throw a curveball into the mix.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Cover’, Ryan gets back on the field and starts helping Alex try to clear her name. Meanwhile, at Quantico, the trainees learn how to Psychology to make profiles out of the other trainees. This is something that Alex is advanced in considering she is able to hide from the FBI for so long.

Alex finally finds out about what kind of agent that her father was, though O’Connor didn’t seem too happy about giving it to her. We find out that it looks like O’Connor and her father have a history and it’s not pretty (as it seems from her mother).

When the trainees profile one another, they find out what the other’s think of them. But the twist is that they have to nominate three people to get cut. If not, then ten will get cut. The whole test was to have them be unified and since Asher wanted to vote, he got a reprimand.

We find out that Miranda put her son in jail to help save her. Natalie in fact has something to fight for as she has a daughter who she can’t see because she went away and Nimah’s other half.
In real time, Alex asks for help from Asher to try and help clear her name. Of course, he’s reluctant to help but he knows Alex would never do the attack. Especially since it looks like Simon got kicked out of Quantico. The question is why? All we know is that it has to do with a bomb that he defused. Stay tuned for more developments.

quantico 1_3_1

Asher and Alex figure out that she’s been being framed since she entered Quantico because her fingerprints were planted on the C-4. But he returns back to the ‘sneaky’ way that Ryan described him as, as he sets an alarm off to try and make sure that he doesn’t get in trouble. Her instincts about Asher are a little off as it looks like Asher is still an agent and he is working undercover to watch Alex. Could he be helping his boss clear her name or to try and trap her?

Alex’s mom gets brought in to be questioned because of course she doesn’t know or won’t help them. She says that she took the blame for her husband’s death to protect O’Connor. The question is why? Also, Miranda sees Alex’s mom and they have a little chat. Didn’t work as her mother tells O’Connor that she was ‘missing’ for a year.

The most important clues or things to pull from this show are that nothing is at it seems on the surface. Asher was let go of Quantico, but is still an undercover agent. Was he let go so that he could watch or help frame Alex? Shelby is off transferring money to some mysterious person. O’Connor seems obsessed with bringing in Alex. Could he really just be wanting to do his job or prove that he’s still a good agent?

Top 3 suspects
1. O’Connor – he is the one that had Ryan sent undercover to investigate Alex after she gets framed. Been setting up the whole thing to pin it on her.
2nd episode – we find out that he was in love with Alex who had rejected him. We also find out that Alex’s father was FBI but O’Connor seems reluctant to tell her about it.
3rd episode – he has a history with her father but it’s a dark secret that he doesn’t want her knowing
2. Shelby – she keeps taking mysterious phone calls and transfer large sums of money for someone. Question is, who is on the other end?
3.  Nimah – the fact that there are two of them in the room makes you wonder why they are doing that?
We find out that she is working with Miranda undercover for some reason.

In the next episode, the rest of the agents from Quantico keep looking for Alex as she finds out that there may be no one that can help her clear her name.

What did you think of the show?




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