‘Agents of SHIELD’ 3×3 recap – Hunter and Lincoln get betrayed by old friends, while Coulson makes a deal

shield 3_3_1

In the last episode, Ward returns with a plan to rebuild Hydra, while Coulson helps Fitz try and save Simmons. There is a lot of questions circling this whole plan to rebuild Hydra. Why is he doing it? Is he doing it just to avenge Kara or does he as an overall revenge plan for what happened with her? From past experiences, Ward always has detailed plans that have so many layers, that you can’t keep up. Whatever the case may be, Coulson is going to have his hands full once Ward makes his first move. Daisy is quickly moving up in the ranks and is essentially Coulson’s #2 while May is away. She has proven that she can control her powers and that she is more than just an Inhuman. She’s got the whole package which makes her a great asset to the team. Let’s hope that it stays that way.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘A Wanted (Inhu)Man’, Daisy tries to help Lincoln but things get difficult when someone betrays them and tries to take them down. Simmons tries to adjust back to life at SHIELD with Fitz’s help as Hunter continues his plan to avenge what happened with Bobbi.

Lincoln is literally on the run from the other task force that is trying to take in Inhumans. And they don’t mess around as they release his picture to the public. They will use the world to help them find him. Instead of asking for help from Daisy, he takes help from an old friend named John who betrays him.

When Coulson meets with Roslyn and he has to make a tough decision to turn Lincoln over in order to keep Daisy’s name out of the public. The things that Coulson does to keep her safe continue to get added to. He makes a deal with ATCI and offers his expertise in exchange for not taking Daisy in after Lincoln gets away.

shield 3_3_2

Coulson and Fitz continue to monitor and help Simmons who spent months on another planet. With Fitz as the lead he is going to stop at nothing to help her. Case in point, how far he went to save her in the first place. To help her get better, Fitz takes Simmons out on a date. The one that they were supposed to go on before she got sucked into the Montalist.

Hunter and May continue their plan to get revenge on Ward as they meet with one of his old friends, to try and get an in with Hydra. They have a little heart to heart about relationships and she tells him that Andrew left her and not the other way around. When it comes time for him to prove his worth, he finds that he has to do a Fight Club style entrance which involves him taking out his old friend.

Overall it’s not a good show for old friends. Both Hunter and Lincoln get betrayed by an old friend. They learn a tough lesson in life about how it’s hard to trust anybody. On the plus side, Fitz continues to try and help Simmons get back. Daisy tries to help Lincoln but it doesn’t work out the way that she wanted as Coulson has to make a tough decision that she doesn’t agree with but has to accept.

In the next episode, SHIELD tries to find an Inhuman is off hunting and killing other Inhumans.

What did you think of the show?




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