‘Law and Order: SVU’ address another issue that exists today in America

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In the last episode, the show talked about a topic and a struggle that exists everywhere, especially in bigger cities with lower economic classes. Whoopi Goldberg guest stared in a show where a child abuse ring is set in place and there are a lot players that are high up in the city. She gets stuck as a social worker who has to deal with the fall out of one of those cases that slips through the cracks. It’s a struggle that is hard for cities to overcome because they simply just do not have the man power to handle the cases that exist.

In the last episode, Whoopi Goldberg guest stars in a show where a child abuse ring is set in place and there are a lot players that are high up in the city. In this week’s episode titled ‘Community Policing’, the show touches on yet another sensitive subject that exists in the world today as it’s ripped from the headlines when a white cop shoots an unarmed black man and it raises the fight of racism in America.
SVU takes on a case where two parents and a young girl get assaulted by a man. Within a day they are able to find him but things turn bad real fast when he gets shot dead during the chase. Everyone in the neighborhood sees it and calls it a hate crime like the one that happened in Ferguson.

Law and Order SVU is all about talking about issues that exist in today’s world. This last year has raised a lot of issues that still exist in today’s world. This show is certainly ripped from the headlines as it reminiscent of what happened in Ferguson Missouri. This show is just the main examples that SVU has for why this show is so powerful even after seventeen seasons. It talks about the issues that we have and how we need to fix them.

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It doesn’t help that the suspect, Terrence, he just may not be the one that raped the family. It’s another innocent life that is taken but IAB is not fooled. The three cops that shot Terrence have remarkably the same exact story which is why he wonders if maybe it wasn’t a total ‘accident’. The protestors begin and want the police to answer for what happened.

There is video footage of the shooting out there and now it looks like three cops are going to be hung out to dry as the public looks for an example to be made from them. Benson tries to protect them but she knows that it’s going to be hard to get them off now that the jury of public opinion finds them guilty. During the trial, Barba is under pressure to get the truth and in the end all three cops are indicted. But it doesn’t solve anything as a rookie cop gets shot during a traffic stop and it’s just continuing the vicious cycle.

Shocking of shocks we find out who is the father of Rollins’s baby. It’s none other than former Lieutenant Declan Murphy. Looks like Donal Logue is going to be working double duty as he works full time for Gotham and then part time on this show as he plays daddy to Rollins’s baby.

In the next episode, Rollins’s sister returns and she has to make a decision to either help her get away or help her catch her.

What did you think of the show?



What did you think of the show?

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