Review: ‘Overruled’ by Emma Chase – a refreshing start to a new series


Format: ebook, paperback

Format read: ebook

Series: book 1 of Legal Briefs series

Rating: 18+ language, sexual content

Genre: Romance

Goodreads page:

The writing is as perfect as the other series is. This series is a spin-off from the Tangled series as we get to see a glimpse of Drew in this book a few times. He is friends with Stanton and helps him get to where he is in DC. Like the other series, Chase has funny dialogue and thoughts for the two main characters in the story. Unlike the Tangled series, we get to see both sides of the story in one book rather then having separate books.

What make Emma Chase’s book so entertaining and refreshing is that they are different. The guys are assholes but they are jerks/douchebags that is believable. Stanton is a jerk at times but it’s because he thinks that his child hood sweetheart is always going to be there waiting for him. How many people have been that person who is so fixated on something from the past that they can’t see what’s right in front of them. Sofia is better for him in all the ways but because in his mind he was convinced it would be Jenny, he never opened up to other possibilities.

Sofia is a strong-willed person trying to make it in a “man’s world” so it wouldn’t be crazy that sometimes Stanton forgets that she is not just one of the guys. Obviously he knows she’s a woman because they have sex, but he thinks that she is just like him in his thinking, where they just have sex for fun. For her, I had a problem with how willing to just let Stanton do essentially what he wanted without much of a fight. If it were me, I know that I wouldn’t want to help someone that I was obviously in love with get with someone who doesn’t love him. Yes I get the whole, if you love them, set them free bull, but Sofia prides herself on being strong-willed but let’s Stanton walk all over her?

Even though Stanton has a lot of moments when you just want to yell at him, you can tell he is a stand-up guy. He sticks up for his friends and loves Jenny and his daughter Presley more than anything. From reading some of the scenes of him before he became a lawyer, you can see that having freedom from his home has changed him and how the struggle of the small-town boy that he grew up as and his ambition are constantly fighting. The large city has obviously affected but it’s a nice change of pace to see that he still has morals and doesn’t completely become like how Drew was before Kate.

The ending was predictable but I don’t think that was meant to be a surprise. Spoiler alert, they end up together. Just like the issues that I have with Sofia’s character about not being strong, I wished she would have put up more of a fight when she did get mad at him. Other than that, it was a fun and enjoyable read and the stuff I didn’t like is not nearly enough to have me not to re-read this story. I had just hoped for more from the character of Sofia.

Rating: A-

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