‘Chicago PD’ 3×3 recap – The unit look for a missing girl while the war begins between Bunny and Voight

chicago pd 3_3_1

The season is already two episodes in but it’s giving us a lot to think about or look forward to. Lindsey is still fighting to return back to old ways as she learns to live with what happened to Nadia. She is likely to be brought into the middle of the war that is going to wage between Voight and Bunny for most of the season. We already know from the past that show is not afraid to shock us which means that when it comes down to Ruzek and Burgess’s wedding, something big is going to happen. But the question will be, what?

In the last episode, the squad look for the person responsible for killing a young child while Lindsey tries to let go of her mother. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Actual Physical Violence’, a desperate father holds a man hostage until the Chicago PD is able to find his kid. Things get worse for Voight as Bunny’s claim that he lied under oath is creating problems for him. Voight is not going to take this without a fight and Lindsey will certainly become in the middle of their feud.

Things get heated pretty quickly for Platt as she is overwhelmed with all the people who need her help and she gets a little snappy with a man, named Jeff, who said that his 18 year old daughter, Sarah, is missing. When he’s had enough, he takes Mouse hostage in order to get someone to listen to him. The unit quickly sees that there is some merit to what Jeff is talking about.

After following the stolen credit card, they find that the person who had the card is holding females hostage in their basement. But none of the women are Sarah. They get a name from one of the victims, Trevor. Which makes him public enemy number one as the unit is going to want his head. They catch a break as Trevor is getting ready to pick up another girl so they try and arrest him. Now is the tough part. Getting him to talk without killing him.

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Actual Physical Violence" Episode 303 -- Pictured: Markie Post as Bunny -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Voight gets a name, Steven, after some persuasion. When the unit goes to arrest him, they find that Sarah fought back and killed him and is now on the run. With the help of her father, they are able to talk her down and keep her from killing herself or anyone else.

Lindsey tries to get help on what happened with Nadia and her relationship with her mother. She of course is having a hard time talking about her feelings or any problems that she may have. When she finds out that Halstead went through something similar, she decides to give it a try. Voight tries to reconnect with Justin as he returns back from boot camp.

Olinsky continues to try and help Michelle and he sends her to Dawson’s boxing gym to work out her anger. He also finally tells his other daughter and his wife. Not to surprising, they didn’t take it so well. The tension between Bunny and Voight is starting to boil over as the man that Voight had ‘wrongfully got arrested’ gets released and will stay released because the DA doesn’t want to retry the case because of politics. At the end of the episode, it looks like Bunny’s not the only one with a grudge as someone tries to blow up Voight’s car.

In the next episode, Voight is out for revenge on James (the man who got released) because he believes he’s the one responsible for trying to kill him.

What did you think of the show?


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