‘How to Get Away With Murder’ 2×4 recap – Annalise tries to clear a teenager while Annalise is faced with a tough decision

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - "Skanks Get Shanked" - When a teenager is found murdered in the woods, Annalise and her team is hired to represent an unlikely suspect named in the case. Meanwhile, Asher comes across a shocking confession, and Wes learns new information about Rebecca's disappearance, on "How to Get Away with Murder," THURSDAY OCTOBER 15 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) HELEN EIGENBERG, SAMMI HANRATTY, MICHAEL ANDREW BAKER

In the last episode, we see Annalise take on a client that is part of a sex club. The case for the siblings takes an unexpected turn for the worst as a new motive surfaces that complicates the case. In this week’s episode, called ‘The Skank gets Shanked’, Annalise gets a client that asks her to kill her and the mystery of who shot Annalise thickens. The four interns are once again knee deep in another problem but will Annalise get them out of trouble again?

In the past time, Annalise gets a call from Nate’s wife. They have a heart to heart about what’s best for Nate. Before she has a request. She wants her help to kill her. Of course, Annalise is reluctant to help but struggles with it because she knows that she’s suffering. This is where the show signs because it has these moments of truth and reality of what people go through every day and raise question on what we would do if we were in that situation.

The case Annalise has this week hits a little close to home as it reminds the interns about the case with Rebecca last season. The young girl, Zoey, is peer pressured into murdering his best friend. Connor is able to relate to Zoey because she was picked on like he was and he believes that maybe she needs help like Annalise wants to get her. But Laurel knows that Zoey is a sociopath and proves it when she steals her phone and finds a video of her taunting her killing her best friend. Looks like she’s the Regina in the Mean Girls and not the Cady.

This show brings up the issue that defense lawyers have to go through and that’s what to do when they know that their client is guilt. This is why many of them don’t ask if they are guilty or not. It brings up the morality of the person and it would make it harder to defend them if they know that, in this case, a cold blooded killer.

Connor quickly sees that Annalise is not one to be double crossed as he is the one that ruins her case with Zoey. We find out that Frank didn’t take Connor’s car and destroy but in case Annalise is the one that took the car as an insurance policy. She needed something to protect herself in case one of them decided not to go along with the story. Once again Annalise is three moves ahead of everyone else.

htgawm 2_5_2

Asher tries to deal with the ghosts of his past and does anything that he can to keep the rest of the interns from finding out. Connor is starting to question why they are there and what the point is. And Wes is working with Levi to find out who killed Rebecca with the help of Nate. Could this eventually lead to what happened with Annalise? That may end up lasting long as Wes finds out that Levi is still seeing Michela.

A lot of truths come out this show. Bonnie confronts Asher and she tells him that she killed Sam after she finds out that Asher is selling information. Annalise sees that Wes and Nate are working together on something. Just another intern looking to backstab her. Got to love those politics.

Michela gets a special project. Her job is to make sure that the twins don’t mess up during their trial and to see if they really are having sex. She doesn’t think that they are but Annalise doesn’t want her opinion but wants the truth. She takes a crack at the other twin and is able to get something to help the case.

It looks like Annalise is going to get some help before she dies in the mansion, but will it be enough to save her? We still have a few suspects for who shot Annalise and the DA. It’s down to Wes and Connor or maybe the whole group as they seem very chummy by the end of the show. It ends with Michela meeting with Caleb in a room. Is he in on it too?

In the next episode, the interns may find themselves in trouble as it looks like someone else is going to try and backstab Annalise.

What did you think of the show?


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