New ‘Untamed’ teaser has Griffin and Anna fighting over whose team they are on

The time is almost here for those who are fans of the Thoughtless series by SC Stephens. Her new book in the series, Untamed, is set to come out next month, but we get another teaser to help hold us over (or make us more excited to read it). You can read it below thanks to Forever Romance.

In the excerpt, Anna and Griffin are arguing about a decision he made about the D-Bags and she begins to wonder if they are on the same team. We get a not so subtle news (if you didn’t get the first chapter for pre-ordering or read the last excerpt). It’s nice to see the inner workings to their relationship and a softer side to Griffin.

Here is the excerpt:

Anna seemed to instinctually know I wasn’t telling her everything. Eyes wide with panic, she opened her purse and pulled out her cell phone. “Call the band and apologize,” she said, holding the phone out to me. “It’s time to end this. Think of our future, Griffin. Think of the girls’ future.”

Dread seeped into me at seeing her support starting to slip away. I wanted her behind my decision, no matter that it was; I didn’t want to go back to being the only one stoked about this. For a split second, I almost reached for the phone, but then Matt’s words tore through my brain. We’re no longer family. No. I’d rather be the only one excited about this job, then grovel at Matt’s feet.

My mind set, I crossed my arms over my chest. “No, I’m following through with this, Anna, and it’s gonna be amazing. I’m going to be a star, and Matt is going to choke on his words.” She looked confused by that last part, but I didn’t bother explaining. Leaning into her, I hissed, “I’d rather lose everything than go crawling back to that asshole.”

Her mouth dropped open. “Griffin…”

Shaking my head, I repeated, “No, I’m doing this, and you need to back me up. We’re a team, remember?” I knew I was being bossy, but this was important to me. I needed her on my side.

Her fingers curled around her phone. “I do remember…but do you?” She indicated the ostentatious house around her. “This wasn’t a team decision, none of this was. You decided all of this for us without even talking to me about it. I only came with you because we’re a team…but it’s pretty clear to me that if we really are a team, then you’re the captain, and the girls and I are just your…cheerleaders.” Her tone was icy and bitter. Jade fire was flaring from her eyes, and a red flush stained her cheeks. 

I knew I was walking on thin ice, and I knew she had a valid point, but I had one too. This was my career, my money, so ultimately, what I did with it was my choice. “When it comes to my job, then…yeah, I guess I am the captain. But I’m the one providing for you and the girls, so I think that gives me the right to the promotion. When it comes to the parenting-type stuff, you can be the captain, okay? But it doesn’t matter, because we’re all still on the same team. And Team Hancock doesn’t need the D-Bags. We don’t need anyone. We’ll survive on our own. Trust me, Anna…please?” My voice came out strained, pleading. It was weird for me to hear it that way. Outside of sexual favors, I wasn’t one to beg. 

“I do, Griffin, but…” Stopping herself, she stared into my eyes for several silent seconds. I held her gaze, unwavering. Confident. I wasn’t scared about this future, she shouldn’t be either. 


Untamed is set to come out November 3rd and you can preorder the book now.




What did you think of the excerpt?

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