‘Quantico’ 1×4 – Alex learns that she may have no one to trust

QUANTICO - "Kill" - At Quantico, the recruits are tasked with performing a hostage rescue training exercise that shakes Alex, making her question her ability and whether she should quit Quantico. While in the future, Alex continues to search for clues, finding one that questions the innocence of one of her closest classmates. But is her clue really what she thinks? No one is who they seem, on "Quantico," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Phillipe Bosse) JAKE MCLAUGHLIN, JOHANNA BRADDY

In the last episode, Ryan gets back on the field and starts helping Alex try to clear her name. Meanwhile, at Quantico, the trainees learn how to Psychology to make profiles out of the other trainees. This is something that Alex is advanced in considering she is able to hide from the FBI for so long. There is so many twists and turns to the story in just the first three episodes that it makes you wonder where it’s going to go from here. Will she find out who framed before she gets caught? Why was she framed? All these questions need to be answered.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Kill’, Alex continues to try and find out who is framing her and reconnects with Shelby to help. Meanwhile, at Quantico, they learn how to work a gun and how to kill when necessary. Asher continues to hide the fact that he is an agent while helping her try and figure out who is framing her.

Nimah is gone and Raina is trying to adjust to pulling double duty. Ryan gets a new assignment from O’Connor as he has to have Alex try and quit because ‘someone higher up’ deemed her unfit for FBI. Could O’Connor really be getting orders from someone else or just claiming that? Was the point of having her come into the FBI to see what she knew about her father? Wouldn’t be surprised if he did have something to do with it. He wanted Ryan to get Alex to quit but he goes against orders and with the help of Miranda convinces her to stay.

We finally find out what is going with their involvement with Miranda. She needed their help stop a group of terrorists that are infiltrating the FBI to try and create terrorists in teenagers like they did to her son. So there is a reason for them to be there even if it has nothing to do with Alex being framed.

quantico 1_4_2

The obsession of Asher continues and gets even crazier. The question that Asher keeps asking ‘Why do you care?’ is something that we all want to know. What about him made him so obsessed? There must be something more to it than we are seeing. Perhaps he is the reason that Asher got kicked out.

In the present time, Ryan finds out that Asher is working with Clayton and O’Connor and it forces Asher to betray Clayton so that he can protect Alex. Despite that Ryan is now dating Natalie it makes you wonder if that’s a ploy and that he still loves Alex (even though it hasn’t been confirmed you know that’s where it was going).

Alex and Shelby have a lot of history that we are going to get to see unfold. Apparently she was working with Ryan and Asher. There is a truth that Alex found out about Shelby’s parents which begs the question, what is the truth? Are they really not dead? Were they the terrorists? That would be an epic twist. There is some bad news with her taking Shelby hostage. Now the FBI are going to shoot to kill which means she’s going to have to be even better to get out of the mess she is now in.

The most important clues or things to pull from this show is that the trainees need to work as a team but Alex has a hard time working with that. The wire that was used to make the bomb to frame Alex comes from Shelby’s company which makes her more of a suspect to framing Alex. Shelby tells Alex that she is talking to her half-sister (from her father) which the FBI doesn’t know about. This could be what Alex was referring to about her parents but it could be more.

Top 3 suspects

1. O’Connor – he is the one that had Ryan sent undercover to investigate Alex after she gets framed. Been setting up the whole thing to pin it on her. 2nd episode – we find out that he was in love with Alex who had rejected him. We also find out that Alex’s father was FBI but O’Connor seems reluctant to tell her about it. 3rd episode – he has a history with her father but it’s a dark secret that he doesn’t want her knowing

2. Shelby – she keeps taking mysterious phone calls and transfer large sums of money for someone. Question is, who is on the other end? Also, she would be biggest surprise because she was the one that was friends/roommates with Alex in Quantico so she had intimate knowledge about her and be able to frame her. When Simon and Alex find out that it’s her company that supplied the wire for

3. Natalie – she has a lot of reasons not to like Alex. They were rivals when at Quantico and she’s still a rival with Ryan. Love makes you do crazy things.

In the next episode, Alex tries to get her story out while O’Connor tries to keep whatever secret she knows under wraps.

What did you think of the show?


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