‘Chicago PD’ 3×4 recap – Voight and Olinsky try to find out who is trying to frame them

chicago pd 3_4_1

In the last episode, a desperate father holds a man hostage until the Chicago PD is able to find his kid. Things get worse for Voight as Bunny’s claim that he lied under oath is creating problems for him. Voight is not going to take this without a fight and Lindsey will certainly become in the middle of their feud. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Debts of the Past’, Voight is out for revenge on James (the man who got released) because he believes he’s the one responsible for trying to kill him. As we know from the past, the last thing you do is make Voight mad. He makes The Hulk seem like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum. Voight is the kind of guy who would shut down the city to hunt down the person responsible for almost killing him and his family.

Voight is out for James Beckett’s blood for almost killing his son and grandson. We know from experience that when you mess with one of their own, they will find you and take you down. And Beckett trying to kill everyone that put him away, that means more cops’ lives are on the line.

Turns out there is a large sum of money of his that went missing and he’s been trying to figure out who took his money. He not so subtly tries to pin Olinsky and Voight against each other. There is a $1 million out there missing. Voight thinks Olinsky took it but he said he didn’t. Perhaps it was Voight. It would explain that safe full of cash he has.

Voight finds out that it was one of the others that took down Beckett, Shultz has been talking with Beckett. But with the help of Roman and Burgess they find out that Beckett is the one that set off the bombs. And Olinsky and Mouse figure out who took the $1 million. Is one of Beckett’s old friends, Nathan Whitcomb.

chicago pd

After a littler persuasion, Whitcomb agrees to help Voight take down Beckett. But the drop doesn’t go according to plan as Beckett drops a tear gas bomb so that he can get the money and get away from Voight.

Bunny continues to make problems for Voight and Lindsey. With her creating this problem that didn’t need to be created, she has the blood of the victim’s lives on her hands (even though it’s highly doubtful she will take that blame).

Burgess finds out something she didn’t like about Ruzek when she finds out that he was engaged not just once but twice. That kind of makes it weird and a little hard to swallow considering she is basically his third choice to get married (as Roman so nicely pointed out). Olinsky tries hard to keep his marriage with Meredith from crashing and burning. The only way he can is by proving that Michelle is his daughter. She takes some advice from Roman about trying to see if Ruzek wants to marry her and it kind of backfires as she doesn’t believe that he wants to.

In the next episode, we get a two hour event as the unit tries to find people that are stealing dead CIA bodies.

What did you think of the show?


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