‘How to Get Away With Murder’ 2×5 recap – Annalise has yet another problem to solve

htgawm 2_6_1

In the last episode, Annalise gets a client that asks her to kill her and the mystery of who shot Annalise thickens. The four interns are once again knee deep in another problem but will Annalise get them out of trouble again. In this week’s episode, called ‘Meet Bonnie’, the interns may find themselves in trouble as it looks like someone else is going to try and backstab Annalise. Bonnie once again has a hard time getting Annalise to trust her again as she makes another mistake in her eyes and has another mess for Annalise to clean up.

We are three weeks away from the shooting as Asher is reeling of what Bonnie told him about killing Sam. We know that she is doing that so to get Asher from helping St. Clair. While she thought she was trying to help Annalise, Annalise was less then enthused and it’s another thing that she is going to have clean up from Bonnie.

Frank finds out that Wes is talking with Levi and she knows that Levi is going to bring her trouble. Frank has a new task and keeping them away from Levi. Which is basically code for ‘take him out’. He is going to need to work fast as his partner, Bruno, is being questioned by Levi and Wes about Rebecca. Frank gets Levi out of the way by getting him arrested for drug possession.

Annalise does something that she has a hard time doing and that’s telling the truth. She tells Nate about what his wife asked of her. But not every truth. She tells him that Bonnie killed Sam which is why she lied. So maybe this whole Bonnie taking the blame is not the worst thing in the world.

htgawm 2_6_2

The new tasks for the interns is that they have to get the twin’s aunt’s confession thrown out because since she’s dead, Annalise can’t cross question her. The tape they got that proves the aunt is lying gets thrown out because Michela and Connor had Oliver hack into the police data base. The world of lies and secrets gets deeper and more diverse as now every single person has a secret that they are keeping from someone else. The funny part is that no matter how many times they stab each other in the back, they still have each other’s backs.

Asher tries to get a better deal for him and his dad by saying he knows what happened with Sam but when he finds out that his father is making a deal behind his back, he rethinks things. Now that Asher has his own secret, the interns now know how he feels about all of them. With the secrets being kept. But it gets the other interns worried that they are going to get caught and go to jail. Instead of covering for her, he says he’s going to testify because he doesn’t want to keep secrets.

When the interns go to the warehouse to check out Frank’s storage locker they find nothing there but money. Which was Frank’s plan all along. He wanted them to find the case so that they would stop investigating Rebecca’s disappearance. It may help that the other interns tell him to stop too.

In present time, it looks like this time Asher is not going to be out of the loop of the big event of the season as he is in a car with Bonnie as they leave the crime of the scene where St. Clair died and Annalise was shot. Bonnie is covered in blood which means that she may be responsible for something that happened. Perhaps it’s St. Clair? We will find out since Asher is going to make a statement.

In the next episode, we learn about the three rules that they need to follow and they are that you trust no one.

What did you think of the show?


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