‘Agents of SHIELD’ 3×5 recap – The truth about what happened to Simmons is revealed

shield 3_5_1

In the last episode, we get to see how Simmons survived while on another planet and why she is so desperate to go back. We finally get to see what happened to Simmons when she trapped on another planet. It looks like it’s going to be focused on her and maybe the whole show will be dedicated to that or maybe just the parts where she is telling Fitz what happened. Simmons finally opened up to Fitz about what she’s been keeping from him. Hunter makes a costly mistake that takes Andrew’s life. May will now be looking for both Ward’s and his blood at some point real soon.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘4,722’, we get to see what happened to Simmons when she was sucked up in the Montalist and how she was able to survive months there. We get to see how she survived and why she wants so desperate to go back there.

Simmons embraces the science of being a new place but at 71 hours she knows that she needs to get water before she dies. But she leaves clues behind because she knows that Fitz is going to be coming after her. The entertaining part of her journey to water is how she talks to herself about her date with Fitz and what to do.

At 3 weeks she has a major battle with some water creature because they are both fighting for food and Simmons wins because she is a fighter. After 752 hours (1 month), she stumbles upon a hidden chamber. She is kept hostage there because he didn’t think she was real. After four days she was able to escape her cage but doesn’t get far because she gets hurt. She learns that the person, named Will, is trapped there too like her (this explains why she is wanting to go back).

Wouldn’t be surprised that once he gets saved if there is going to be a love triangle of sorts between Fitz, Simmons, and Will. It’s hard to not have some kind of connection when you survive the Hell that Simmons and Will went through. He had been there since 2001. He and three other people that came with him but because of ‘The Thing’ he lost them.

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After 3000 hours, Simmons gets a little stir crazy as she leaves the hole to try and find a way home. Instead she finds a sword and a bunch of knickknacks that she thinks will help her find a way home. When the sandstorm takes over, she sees that Will is not lying. There that there is someone in there who is trying to kill them.

Simmons is going to use the tools she found to try and figure out where the portal will be next. She proves just how smart she is as she is able to find out where the portal is going to be and it’s in the ‘no fly zone’ that was determined by Will. When they get there, they find that planet is making it impossible for them to leave. It’s then that Simmons comes to the realization that they are never going home. Will is there to comfort her and they end up kissing.

Fitz is not at all happy that Simmons fell in love with someone on that planet and that she wants to go and save him but because he loves her he will help her save Will. As the show goes on, we see that Will and Simmons get closer and closer.

As they go through the struggles of survival they connect with their love of science and determination to survive. Naturally, feelings form between the two of them, but this is going to complicate things as Simmons is now back home with Fitz who is obviously still in love with her.

In the next episode, May returns with a vengeance, and is looking for Ward’s head which is exactly what he’s expecting.

What did you think of the show?


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