‘Quantico’ 1×5 – Alex asks for help from hackers to tell her side of the story

quantico 1_5_1

In the last episode, Alex continues to try and find out who is framing her and reconnects with Shelby to help. Meanwhile, at Quantico, they learn how to work a gun and how to kill when necessary. Asher continues to hide the fact that he is an agent while helping her try and figure out who is framing her. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Found’, Alex proves that she will do anything to clear her name and uses hackers to try and get someone to listen to her. Meanwhile, at Quantico, the trainees learn how to go undercover and how to keep a cover for an extended amount of time.

Alex starts to lose hope because of the new order sent out by the FBI that wants to kill her on sight. So she makes a crazy decision and decides to go to the press herself and show them that she is not just some terrorist wanting to destroy the country. She looks to help from hackers of the internet. But there is a catch, they are going to put her on trial and make sure that she is innocent. Some say that public opinion is a trial that is more important than the actual trial.

The FBI is able to trace her interview but they are going to have difficulty pulling the ‘shoot on sight’ as she is doing her interview in a Muslim church. Like Ryan said, ‘This is a PR nightmare’. But with the plan, Alex was able to get away.

quantico 1_5_2

At Quantico, the trainees have to create a new persona and have to create a whole new life for themselves. This is a fun project for the trainees because they can create a cover of a life they want to live. There is a twist, they don’t actually become the person that they created but the person someone else created.

During the dinner party, Miranda has a different task for Nimah and Raina as they have to switch off constantly and not get caught. Caleb is with obsessed with trying to take down Shelby since she accidentally told some people about his shooting hobby but things change when passion explodes.

Elias tries to discredit Max who comes to visit Simon for a date. And he gets what he wants. Elias learns that Simon is not actually gay but pretended to be, why, that has yet to be answered. But he knows that Simon shouldn’t be at Quantico and wants him out. This forces Simon to have to come clean with why he was in Israel and why he lied about his relationship.

The most important clues or things to pull from this show is that Simon may have been lying about having a boyfriend. Perhaps wanting the name of being the first openly gay man in the FBI was appealing to him. Who is this Max person that he is conversing with Simon? O’Connor and Miranda have history as they were supposed to run off together.

What did you think of the show?



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