‘Gotham’ 2×6 – Butch works on trying to save Penguin’s mother while Gordon is forced to break a promise

gotham 2_6_1

In the last episode, Penguin bows down to Theo as we find out that he’s working for someone else who has their sights set on Bruce. The Strike Force loses one of their own as they had tried to take down the Penguin. Oswald comes up with a complex plan to save his mother from Theo. In this week’s episode, ‘By Fire’, Firefly and Selina create havoc in the city while Gordon tries to end them before they kill too many people.

Butch is successful in getting himself infiltrated into Theo’s group. Now it’s time to find out where she is. He doesn’t get the chance as Theo figures out that Butch is under Penguin’s control. He lets Tabitha have his way with him and have her fun. But by her fun it may mean the end of Butch’s life. Penguin is going to need to find a new right hand man.

Bridget and Selina try and get money so that they can do something fun. She shows her the ways of the street and how it could be ‘fun’ to break the law. She goes back to her brothers and they make sure that she knows that she can’t leave again. She finally snaps and she burns them alive. She becomes drunk with the power that it gives her that she decides to go after the other bullies.

Gordon is on a manhunt to find the person responsible for killing one those in his unit, Luke. But it may be too much as he gets in trouble with Barnes. When he sees that she is linked to Selina, he slows down his roll and tries to get answers but it may mean breaking a promise he made to her to keep Bridget safe. He tries to help her but she loses control and ends up accidentally killing herself. Bruce continues his training with Alfred. He is learning how to fight and he is quickly learning the ropes.

gotham 2_6_2

Bruce has lunch with Theo, Tabitha, and Silver. Theo’s plan for using Silver to get Bruce is working because he is completely smitten with Silver. He will be able to finish his plan for revenge on the Wayne family but when is he going to make his move? That is the question.

Edward tries to be the man that Kristen wants but he loses control of his temper and accidentally kills her after telling her he killed her ex-boyfriend. As the show comes to a close, we see that Bridget is not dead but is going to be used to experiment on by Indian Hill (a division of Wayne Enterprises). This is where she is going to get her ‘powers’ to become the villain of Firefly that we see later in the Batman comics.

In the next episode, Theo tries to call in that favor of Gordon to try and take down Penguin as he continues to try and fight back against Theo.

What did you think of the show?


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