‘Chicago PD’ 3×5 and 3×6 recap – The unit looks for two missing people in the 2-hour show

Photo from the episode "Climbing Into Bed"

In the last episode, Voight is out for revenge on James (the man who got released) because he believes he’s the one responsible for trying to kill him. As we know from the past, the last thing you do is make Voight mad. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Climbing into Bed/You Never Know Who’s Who’, we get a two hour event as the unit tries to find people that are stealing dead CIA bodies. With the fact that it involves dead agents, you know that the Chicago PD are going to be contending with the government over who takes down the bad guys.

Ruzek finds himself in deep water right away as one of his CI’s (Conway) tips him off about a robbery lead by a sketchy man named Frank. When trying to find out what’s going on, he takes him to a place where a robbery is being done and now he has to out himself to try and get out of there alive. Things may spell out bad for him because he had alcohol in the system and he did try to get help but it may not be enough to get him out of the mess. Looks like Voight is going to have to work his magic to get him out.

Ruzek gets desk duty for his actions during the robbery until IAB can clear him. The reason why he’s in such deep water because he didn’t follow the protocol with the situation. He tries to get Conway to help him get Frank but it just leads to Conway getting killed. This means they have to use different tactics to try and find Frank. The same tactics that have been known to work.

chicago pd 3_5_2

The unit tries to figure out how they were able to get away so smoothly and how they knew the securities so well. This includes looking at the jewelry store owner and trying to find Conway. It doesn’t get any easier as the victim’s (store owner) son becomes obsessed with the police trying to find the person responsible for killing his mother. Come to find out, he was part of the robbery.

In the second part of the two-hour show, the unit investigates someone who is going around killing CIA agents starting with Agent Cullen. His wife Genie says that he died from a heart attack and left him in his car in a park because that was what he wanted. Things continue to get stranger when they find that Cullen’s guns are linked to three unsolved murders.

When Cullen’s body goes missing the unit try and figure out who and why someone would take it. When they find out who took it, it’s another agent who was cutting up Cullen’s body because he was following orders. He is a part of a group called ‘Street Cleaners’ which means that they are taking out the bad guys who get off on technicalities. When the Street Cleaners find out that Cullen is not really an agent, things get crazy.

Cullen created Street Cleaners to try and relive his glory days in the CIA and recruited former CIA agents to help him. He knew enough about the inner works of the CIA to make it seem real but it essentially meant that he took this group to try and justify murdering people. Voight and Olinsky are going to use it to try and take down the other members. But it doesn’t go according to plan, like they never do.

chicago pd 3_5_3

When Burgess and Ruzek find out that one of the guns in Cullen’s gun locker is a stolen sniper rifle, they know who the final member is. It’s a former marine by the name of John Brackett which means he’s not going to be easy to take down since he knows all of their tactics.

Meanwhile, Lindsey and Halstead reconnect now that she is moving back into her apartment. While it may seem trivial it does lead them to get back to what they were before she went binging.

The young boy Roman was trying to save by donating bone marrow might still see the same fate anyways. But he decides to make his dreams come true by letting him be a cop for a day with him with the help of Platt. That’s not all the good deeds that Platt does. She is able to get Ruzek his badge back and it makes you wonder if she did it for him or for Burgess.

Olinsky gets the results back from the paternity test but instead of opening them up and reading them he shreds it because he knows that Michelle needs a father whether or not he is it. The fall back with his family is going to be at risk so hopefully he can convince them.

In the next episode, the unit try and stop a school shooting from happening when they get evidence that he’s going to.

What did you think of the show?

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