‘Quantico’ 1×6 – Miranda tries to reconnect with her son

quantico 1_6_1

In the last episode, Alex proves that she will do anything to clear her name and uses hackers to try and get someone to listen to her. Meanwhile, at Quantico, the trainees learn how to go undercover and how to keep a cover for an extended amount of time. In this week’s episode, titled ‘God’, the trainees learn about doing surveillance on a suspect while Alex tries to find a way to get information on Caleb because she thinks he’s the terrorist. Now that Shelby is helping Alex she is going to provide insight on the other trainees.

At Quantico, the trainees are learning about the art of surveillance. This is going to a fun task for the trainees as they get to see what the other agents are really thinking about them instead of what they just see on the surface.

Love is in the air amongst the trainees. Shelby/Caleb, Alex/Ryan, and Simon/Raina. The three couples each try and find ways to sneak off with one another without others finding out, but each couple has a hard time doing do. Caleb is not liking the fact that is just Shelby’s toy while Raina and Nimah try and stay focused on their mission for Miranda and not let Simon get in the way. Caleb tries to ‘get rid of the competition’ which proves harder for him then he thought. Raina and Simon can’t make it too far before they end up sleeping together.

Miranda’s son returns home and she starts losing control of her world. She is unable to work because she has a hard time differentiating the difference. To try and get what she wants, she uses her trainees to do surveillance on her. O’Connor tries to connect with her son and it leads to him accidentally revealing that he had Ryan watching Alex.

quantico 1_6_2

Ryan and Alex are in a falling out now that she finds out the whole thing was a shame.

In present time, Natalie finds out that Ryan is talking to Alex and she feels that threat of her taking over his life again. Alex wants Ryan to try and get the full footage that the FBI has so she can try and find out who else (or mainly Caleb) could have rigged the attacks. She betrays Ryan’s trust and tells O’Connor which puts Ryan in the hot seat.

When she finds out that Caleb is running the investigation, she knows that he’s going to use the power to try and keep him out of the evidence and everything pointed at her. Except she finds that Caleb wasn’t in New York to set the attack but to find out who Shelby is having an affair with. When he finds out it’s his dad, it makes him want to destroy everything his father built with the FBI. But with further investigation she finds that Nimah/Raina were there just days before the attack. Could they be the ones that set off the attack?

In the next episode, Ryan is now off to protect Alex while Natalie and O’Connor try and take her in.

What did you think of the show?



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