Book review – ‘Ignite’ by Tessa Teevan – story about how everyone can get second chances


Format: e-book, paperback

Format read: e-book

Series: book 1 of Explosive series

Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content

Genre: New Adult

Goodreads page:

In the first book of the series, we see Jace and Alexa reunite after 10 years. Their lives went into two different directions but are hoping that they will finally get their second chance at forever.

The passion between Jace and Alexa is strong from the second that they see each other and it scorches every single page. When you find out the past of their relationship and why they were apart, you start rooting for them. But Alexa has a ghost in her past that may keep them apart. Thankfully Jace is all alpha male and doesn’t let that ghost keep him from her.

The writing was a little over the place. Sometimes it was too slow and at times it was a little too fast. When it was the right speed I really found that I enjoyed it. Jace is very much an alpha dog and he doesn’t want to let her go, despite the fact that she has a lot going on.

Alexa is a very independent woman who knows what she wants. She knows that she always wanted Jace but she never thought that she would get a second chance not only to be with him but also in love. After losing someone that she loves she put off the whole idea. When she finally does open her mind and her heart, it’s a passionate reunion and she sees that everyone deserves a second chance.

Jace has loved Alexa ever since high school and he always held out hope that he would get a chance to be with her. When the time comes, he holds on to it and never lets go. He knows that he has a lot going against him, but he wants her too much that he will take her anyway that he can. It shows so much of his character and love for Alexa that he would take her any way that he can, even knowing that someone else had her first. Not many people could do that.

The series is off to a good start. It’s a quick and entertaining read, something that you can do probably in one day during a rainy day, but it may not have that full development that will have you wanting to read the story multiple times. It just didn’t have that moment that just sucks you in and never lets you go, but it wasn’t a regret-reading.

Rating: C+

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The Explosive Series

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