‘Gotham’ 2×7 – Gordon learns the truth about Theo

gotham 2_7_1

In the last episode, Firefly and Selina create havoc in the city while Gordon tries to end them before they kill too many people. Penguin’s plan to have book infiltrate Theo’s group may be backfiring but it does work as he gets a location for where his mother is. Gordon quickly sees that with the new captain no one is above the law and that line of black and white is truer than ever and there is no more gray when it comes to getting answers. Nygma is going to have live with the guilt of him accidentally killing Kristen. In this week’s episode, ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’, Theo tries to call in that favor of Gordon to try and take down Penguin as he continues to try and fight back against Theo.

Penguin walks into a trap as he gets to the warehouse where Theo and Tabitha is waiting. And Butch is the one that led him there. His wiring has been reversed and he has his own brain back and no longer working for Penguin. Theo uses this chance to kill Penguin’s mother right in front of him. This is only going to spark a war between them that will rain all over Gotham.

Theo is going to use the GCPD and Dent to go after Penguin. But Gordon starts to wonder if maybe there is more to the story with Theo. Finally, he starts to see it. I was beginning to wonder about him.

gotham 2_7_2

Theo wins the mayoral race and it’s a big shootout at the party as Penguin tries to get his revenge on Theo. It leads to another one of the Strike Force going down leaving only two left. After Penguin gets away, Gordon knows that it’s Theo that is the real enemy, not Penguin.

Nygma has officially lost it as we get the first look at the Riddler. His other self plays a riddle on self-conscious as he now has to try and figure out the riddles and find Kristen’s body before someone else does.

Silver’s true colors are showing as she essentially threatens Selina when she comes to talk to Bruce. Let’s see if Selina takes that sitting down. While Bruce tells her to leave him alone, Selina knows that she might have to take matters into her own hands.

In the next episode, Theo gives Barbara the green light to kill Gordon but will he be able to fight back?

What did you think of the show?



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