‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×7 recap – SVU try to find out the person who is responsible for getting a young TV star pregnant

svu 17_7_1

In the last episode, Rollins’s sister returns and she has to make a decision to either help her get away or help her catch her. Once again Rollins is stuck between a rock and a hard place with her sister and with her being pregnant it’s even harder for her to walk away. Kim is still thinking selfishlessly and getting Rollins into more trouble. This won’t likely be the last time that we see Kim or her mother. Especially with Rollins ready to pop soon.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Patrimonial Burden’, another show ripped from the headlines in the form of The Duggars as they become the topic on this week’s episode as one of the sisters gets pregnant and it’s by someone that she knows very well. Let’s see how controversial this show is going to be. The show, while is a dramatic rip from the headlines, it still shows how media and being a ‘celebrity’ can alter your beliefs and what is right and wrong.

We get to see that everything that happens can find itself into an SVU episode. As we have seen in the past, SVU doesn’t shy away from the controversial topics that happen in the world. When the whole controversy happened with the Duggars, it was only a matter of time before it would find its way into an SVU episode.

It starts with the Baker’s celebrating their child’s (Lane) ‘virtue ball’ where she promises to say a virgin until she gets married. But when she collapses on the dance floor with her father, SVU finds out that promise is broken as she is 3 months pregnant. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can quickly figure out who the father is.

Trying to protect their daughter (or their faces in the media), the parents don’t want SVU talking with her. With Rollins (who is officially on desk duty) help they are able to work their way into getting jurisdiction. They bring the Baker family into SVU and they try a divide and conquer technique to try and find out how Lane got pregnant. Lane points the finger at Pete, the camera man. He of course denies it and with the fact that she is pregnant he can prove he didn’t. He had a vasectomy. But he does have footage that may help them find out who it was that raped her. When they start their investigation, they quickly see that the whole small town feeling is working for the family as the whole town is pretty much trying to cover for them.

svu 17_7_2

Rollins once again shows that she can be productive on desk duty, she is able to come to a theory that the youngest, Tate, might be a child of incest. But it doesn’t pan out. Instead she gets into pain again for the second time in two weeks (or two episodes). This means that Rollins is going to go on maternity leave a little early.

With some more investigation, they find that the Pastor for the family is going a prime suspect. They finally get confirmation that he was the one that is the father of Tate but before they can get him for raping Lane, they find that he is trying to marry her to ‘help’ the family. This has nothing to do with him trying to cover his tracks and keep her quiet.

Dodds is starting to question Benson’s authority and some of her decisions. He is really letting his father show out in him and it will only be a matter of time before Benson knocks him down a few pegs (or maybe even Finn). When he starts questioning her in front of the group, she does just that. He will quickly learn that you don’t challenge Benson. But Benson being Benson doesn’t let it bother her but instead uses it as a way to learn how SVU works. She leaves him with this parting line, “Most rapists don’t hunt on the street. They hunt where they are trusted.” Isn’t that the truth?

In the next episode, the case hits close to home as Baby Noah goes missing.

What did you think of the show?


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