Book review – ‘Forever With You’ by Jennifer Armentrout – story of how one night can really change someone’s life

forever with you

Format: e-book, paperback

Format read: e-book

Series: book 5 in Wait for You series

Rating: 16+ sexual content, language

Genre: New adult

Goodreads page:

In the fifth book of the series, we follow Stephanie (who we met in the 2nd book of the series) as her fate gets intertwined with Nick, the bartender who works with Reese and Calla. They are forced into a future together based on circumstances and both of them will have to face their fears if they want any chance at getting a forever with each other.

Let me start off by saying that I have read pretty much all of Jennifer Armentrout’s books and while I love each book, I do find a lot of similarities between the heroine of each book. They all have certain traits that transfer over from book to book and sometimes I don’t like it when the female lead will say something that has been said in a different book. With that said, Stephanie in this book is completely fresh and I loved her! Yes, some characteristics transferred over (ie she is sarcastic) but she had a different kind of sarcasm then the other female characters and I liked her sarcasm because she would usually say what I would say if I was her.

Nick is the stereotypical ‘I don’t do relationships’ kind of guy which has been done time and time again in love stories. What separates him, or his and Stephanie’s relationship, from others is that when he says something stupid, Stephanie doesn’t just forgive him. She stands up for herself and makes him see that he needs to watch what he says. After their one night together, he just doesn’t understand why he wants more and his fears come out when he talks to her. Nick is a stand-up guy and with a lot of ghosts in his past that he carries with him.

 photo forever with you1_zpsubxgszl6.png

It’s obvious that the series is starting to come to an end as a lot of the loose ends are starting to get tied up. Nick’s past connects a few different stories together and there are a few twists that come with that. There were a lot of twists in this book, but I was able to predict most of them. There was one that caught me off guard and I think it was just because I was so focused on the main story. It was a well-placed twist because you are so focused on one story, and forget about the overall story.

Please oh please let there be a book for Katie. The last three books she has stolen scene after scene as she demands your attention and doesn’t let go. I mean the love story is pretty much going to write itself. She is a good-natured stripper who is psychic but doesn’t see her own love of her life coming? Come on writing gold right there! There is still at least one more book in the series, so fingers crossed she gets to have a happy ever after.

Once again, Armentrout shines in this book. Stephanie and Nick shine as a couple in this story as they deal with issues that a lot of people today have to deal with. They have to deal with the tough choices that some people have to make and how sometimes life makes you have to face your fears whether or not you are ready to do so. It’s a great addition to the story and with each passing book, the series gets that much better. She is able to add to the world while not completely losing sight of the other characters that she created. We are able to keep following them as they continue on their happy ever after road and get that ‘I wonder what happened to them after the book ended’.

Rating: A

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