First ‘Finding Dory’ teaser has been released on Ellen’s YouTube page


A few days ago, Ellen Degeneres announced that she would be releasing a teaser for the upcoming Disney Pixar movie, Finding Dory, on her show. Today was going to be the day that she did it, but she gave her fans a little present as she released it early this morning on her YouTube page.

In the trailer, Dory starts sleep swimming and remembers something important about her family. It involves a clam, or an oyster, or…something. She decides to go on this big adventure to try and find them with the help of Marlon and Nemo. Looks like the fans, and Ellen, are going to get their wish as Dory will be front and center for this movie.

The best news to come out of the video (besides the minute and half of awesomeness) is that we get a tentative date of its release. June 2016. That’s right next June we will be joining Dory on her journey to try and find her family. There is no set date yet, as it’s probably still be worked on, but know it’s coming out in June is very exciting news.

If you watch Ellen’s show or are a fan of the movie, you know that Ellen has been wanting to do a sequel ever since she did the first one. She loved making the first movie and wanted to give Dory her own story line. A few years ago, Disney Pixar announced that they would in fact be doing a sequel centered around Dory but in true Disney fashion would take a couple of years. Looks like the wait is over as we will be able to see it in seven short months.

What did you think of the trailer?


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