‘Agents of SHIELD’ 3×7 recap – Andrew’s secret takes control of him

shield 3_7_1
In the 50th episode for the show we get an explosive showdown. May returning with a vengeance, and is looking for Ward’s head which is exactly what he’s expecting. Simmons and Fitz continue to work on trying to get back so that they can save Will. May has Bobbi return back to the field and while she stumbled a little bit, she proved to herself that she is better on the field because of what happened. Meanwhile, we find out who Lash is and it comes at a big shocker as its Andrew. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Chaos Theory’, Andrew struggles to keep his secret from the rest of SHIELD as they start to see that he may not be someone they can trust.

We see what happened after May left SHIELD and how she reunited with Andrew. But most importantly, we see how he became Lash. Looks like he accidentally stumbled and opened a book that had the Terrigen formula in it. And Lash was born.

Daisy and Coulson disagree on what Roslyn is doing with the Inhumans. Daisy wants them free of course and Coulson thinks it will help in the long run. Obviously Coulson is going to get his way but what will happen in the future? Will this come and bite him in the behind?

shield 3_7_2

May doesn’t want to believe what she found out in the last episode, but she won’t know for sure until she talks with Andrew. Especially since he is slowly starting to lose control of his monster in. The man they found at the beginning of the season, Joe, is really starting to master his skills and wants to help but all Andrew can think of is killing him. We still don’t know the source of his anger towards Inhumans so hopefully we find out soon. It has to be more then him just becoming one of them as well. Andrew’s secret might be known by more than just May as Lincoln goes to Mac with information on Lash and how he thinks he is in SHIELD. He goes to Coulson with what he found out and that is when Coulson and Daisy see that their trust was misplaced and that Andrew might be too far gone to be helped. There is a showdown between Lincoln and Andrew and the rest of SHIELD try and stop them from killing each other. May has to make a tough decision and she is able get him into a holding cell and making him the first subject to the new ‘cure’ that Roslyn’s team found.

Bobbi tries to reason with Hunter on his path to try and get revenge. He seems to have seen the light, but we know how Hunter is. He’s like a dog with a bone and while he may cool off for a bit, he won’t hesitate to try and kill Ward if he gets another chance. Fitz goes over the notes that Simmons left on the cell phone. There are times when he has a hard time with it (the stuff to do with Will) but he sees the struggle that she had with the situation.

As the show comes to an end, we find who Roslyn’s working for. It looks like she may be working for Hydra soon and Coulson may be caught in the crosshairs.

In the next episode, Coulson learns that he may have misplaced his trust in Roslyn as the truth of her workings is revealed.

What did you think of the show?


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