‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×9 recap – Barba tries to convict a former suspect of Benson’s

In the last episode, another show ripped from the headlines in the form of The Duggars as they become the topic on this week’s episode as one of the sisters gets pregnant and it’s by someone that she knows very well. Let’s see how controversial this show is going to be. The show, while is a dramatic rip from the headlines, it still shows how media and being a ‘celebrity’ can alter your beliefs and what is right and wrong.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Depravity Standard’, Benson has to deal with an old case as one of the men she put away is now up for parole. With the show being on the air for so long, it makes sense that we would revisit some of the older episodes and see what happened when an old case comes back to haunt Benson.

The show begins with Barba trying to make a deal with a suspect, Louis, for kidnapping but the man recants right as the deal is about to go through. He states that he was pressured into pleading guilty. This is something that has been a problem with the police department, which is why especially at SVU they record all interrogations, for all the good it does.

It looks like Rollins is officially on maternity leave from the show as she is barely in the show for the second straight week. They mention her a lot and it’s obvious that they are trying to move swiftly to her being on maternity leave on the show as well. It is nice that they include her pregnancy in the show instead of overshadowing it.

Benson feels the pressure of the defense lawyer as they try and pin Benson’s emotions to Louis that got him to confess. She had dealt with him before and it makes it seem like she had a vendetta against him. This is not something that Benson has ever done before, right? Barba is going to have to prove that the suspect did it and wasn’t coerced.

Carisi shadows Barba in hopes that he will better understand the law side of an investigation. Carisi seems a little too eager to be shadowing Barba and it makes me think that he might be trying too hard to prove himself to the squad.

Wong returns and becomes a witness for the defense. Wong being friendly with them in the past might be helpful, but he has always proved that he won’t compromise his morals as a psychiatrist to help the police. The defense lawyer tries to play the mental issue with his parents to help ‘please’ the authority of the police. It’s an interesting theory and one that is hard to prove one way or another.

When it comes time for the jury to talk, they find that they can’t convict him and it takes almost two weeks to come to that conclusion. Barba almost comes to a deal for him going to jail. While he may have gotten away with one murder, the other victims come together and say they will testify against him so that he will go down for those crimes.

As the show comes to an end, Rollins is in the hospital in labor, but complications arise and the baby’s life is at risk.

What did you think of the show?

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